Sunday, 26 July 2009

Wet days and horses

I have woken up to a wet and very soggy Sunday! So... I am catching up with my blogging friends, cried buckets over Daria's video and am thinking about what a lovely Saturday I had.

The above photo was taken yesterday at Lisa and Abi's Equestrian Centre where my little Harry rides each week. They shared a hilarious video of Jason doing "around the worlds" on Gemma and falling off..... lots!!!

In the picture above, the children had been playing out of site in Abi's secret den! They had to be rounded up for home time. The bay mare in the picture is Abi's horse Tash. Abi is in the turquoise t-shirt and Harry is just behind her in the grey top.

This set of pictures really makes me smile. They are like something out of "Brave Heart" having been discovered they are walking towards us all in one line.
Lisa riding Gemma. She had to go and round up the troop because they were too far away. It was nice to see all of the children having good old fashioned fun; playing on the muck heap and slinging water over each other. They were going home dirty, mucky, smelly but happy!

This is Archie. He is 14hh roan gelding and I don't know why but I find myself "drawn" to him. I find this alot with people and animals; some repel me and others I feel a magnatism drawing me in. This is how I feel about Archie.

I don't like this picture of me.... bald, fat, old and ugly! Anyway, its a nice picture of Gemma. This picture is me now in 2009 and it is a picture of me going through a huge blip in my life. Watch this space when I finish treatment and my hair grows back and I shed the weight!

By the way my sweat shirt says "Cymraeg: probably the oldest language in Europe" and was bought from Cowbois in Bala who provide great welsh tee-shirts, sweatshirts and hats.

On a final note, this is my hair this week.

You can see it growing back quite fast and its black (apart from a few grey hairs!).

I used to suffer with sty's on my lower eye lids as a teen and as a result, my lower eye lashes were patchy. Nobody noticed but I did. Following chemo, they are growing back much thicker and NO BALD PATCHES. Here again is evidence of the "Polly Anna Syndrome" good always comes from bad, you just have to look for it!


  1. Ooh I love your pictures Sara. What beautiful country. I also love your hair. It looks much like mine but I still have some thin patches. Mine is dark too with some gray. I don't understand because I have always been a redhead. But isn't it nice to reach up and feel something on your head?? Blessings to you.

  2. You are not fat, ugly or old, and you will not be bald for much longer! You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and the Polly Anna Syndrome has done me the biggest favour ever - if you had not got breast cancer and put it on WW NCU boards, I would never ever have 'met you'! The greatest good things come from bad! Sharon xxxx

  3. Hello "Polly"!! :) Keep are finding the good during the bad...those animals are magnificent and you look wonderful...remember that. No more saying "negative" things about yourself. I won't hear it! (do I sound like a mother?!? I'm meant to!). Children having fun, playing in muck, coming home filthy with smiles and happiness...that means life is good. And look at all that hair...yes Polly, life is good!! :)

  4. Love the pictures! I never had the nerve to take a picture of my bald head. So from a little that I know about the Wales, there is two main dialects of Welsh, northern and southern. So Cymraeg is the Northern dialect as you live in the north section? What do the kids speak at school? I had a boss who is English and due to a divorce and his mum marrying someone from Wales, he went to school in Wales and had to learn Welsh-not sure what part aside from the coast.
    I have to get some of that Pollyanna syndrome myself.

  5. You look beautiful sweet Sara.

    Your life looks wonderful so hang on.


  6. Archie has such a sweet and intelligent face. Who could resist him?

    I won't be long now until all that hair has grown back. You just need to be patient, like me! lol

  7. Those photos are wonderful! They bring thoughts of running off to live a simple old fashioned life (I want to do that a bit too often).
    Your hair really is growing fast! :-)
    Thank you for the sweet comments you always leave for me. You rock!

  8. Loved seeing all the pictures!!!!! Beautiful horses, and looks like you had a great day. You are NOT fat, by the way! And your hair is coming in so nicely. Mine came in fast at first, but then slowed down for a while. Now, after 7 months, It's finally where I can style it a bit! So great catching up with you here!!!!!


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