Monday, 20 July 2009

Snugburys Ice Cream Farm

Such a lovely day today, we decided to take a trip out to a Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. It was beautiful! As with all UK farms, they have to diversify in order to keep going, its wrong, but thats the way it is. The farm house was like a picture postcard surrounded by Oak Trees (these trees are protected in our country now).
The shop itself was situated in what would have been barns at one time. There were so many flavours to choose from; Turkish Delight, Chocolate Heaven, Sloe Gin! to name but a few!

Joe chose the Turkish Delight which also had chocolate sauce in. The ice cream was bigger than him! He got quite distressed when the ice cream melted all over his hands but luckily, we always come armed with baby wipes!

Harry chose the Honeycomb and didn't want his photograph taken so I had to sneak this one in. I had to finish his ice cream off for him which is why I didn't order one for myself! The ice cream was devine as were the sugar cones.

Jason also opted for the Turkish Delight but he always insists on pulling stupid faces when I take a picture of him! I purchased some Cherry jam, Ploughmans Pickle and Ale Chutney - they were only £1.30 each which was a complete bargain. I am looking forward to some Ale Chutney with my salad tonight.

There were quite a few pigs at the farm (all free range) and a mother with her piglets, they were so tiny and cute. I couldn't believe how much hair mummy pig had and how course it was (made me quite jealous - only kidding!). She was very friendly but also very muddy with two little silver rings in her nose. The spotted piglet here kept his nose to the ground continually until eventually he gave up and flopped down for a snooze.

This is their home but they also had open fields to wonder in too.

This goat caught my eye as we arrived at the farm because it was hopping and skipping around just for the joy of life.

It was a nice trip out. Only short and sweet but still enjoyable!

I am going out without head scarfs now as I have a lovely layer of baby hair, so soft I always want to touch it. However, I am finding that I get alot of odd stares. I think people are trying to work out if I have actually decided to style my hair like this (as if!), or what else would make me wear my hair like this...... I don't care if they stare because I am happy as I am, I am not ashamed or embarressed.... I am at war with cancer and so far.... I am winning!


  1. What brilliant pictures Sarah! The boys look like they are having fun with those ice creams, and I love Turkish Delight! I always buy it at Christmas!!! It is so good to see that you are having fun, hope you will have a great summer with 'your boys'!!
    Sharon xxx

  2. Looks great Sara, thanks for sharing with us!

  3. What a wonderful day you and your family had and those ice creams look delicious.England's countryside is always so beautiful.

  4. The size of those ice creams!!!!! I think i'll have to google this place.. I'm about 2 hours from Cheshire so would need to eat all the ice cream i could get down my neck!!

    Sara.. I was exactly the same when my hair started to grow.. i couldn't stop touching it!! I often look at ladies now who have short hair and want to go upto them and ask how they're doing.... never have though as they might not even have this awful illness and just think i'm a nosey bugger hehe.

    I'm not sure if it was you or not where i said about looking at my hair growing album? i've only just discovered how to subscribe!! if you'd like to see my album i made on how long it took for my hair to grow to a certain length.. to give you some idea on yours... let me know xx

  5. Wonderful photos and looks like it was a great time! You made me smile about the stares knowing people think you may have chosen that hair style - you just never know these days, LOL.
    Maybe you could get a t-shirt printed that says "At war with cancer and so far.... I am winning! Whoo-hoo!" in big bold letters on the front and back - get that positive message and wonderful attitude out there for all to see! :-)


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