Saturday, 12 September 2009

End of Chemo and PANDORA GROWS

Those of you who have been following my blog for some time, will know that my War with Breast Cancer is being commemorated by my collection of Pandora beads. My best friend started me off by giving me my Pandora bracelet, together with the Breast Cancer Pandora bead when I was a "supporting parent" for her daughter Chloe at her "naming ceremony" earlier this year. From then on, I have been marking each stage of my fight with a pandora beads. Some have been purchased by myself, others come as kind and thoughtful gifts - all come with LOVE.

I purchased the above bead myself to commemorate the start of the last session of chemo (one session consisted of 2 rounds of chemo a week apart) which also happened to fall on our 15th Wedding Anniversary.

I had such a rough time of the "wedding anniversary" chemo, with canulas not going in, veins shutting down and then the nurse pushing the chemo in so fast I became ill that my husband purchased this bead for me and it came from John Greed Designs the very next day. He wanted to cheer me up and I will treasure this particular bead forever. Super fast and efficient service from John Greed Designs, as always.
To mark the end of Chemotherapy, my best friend bought me this bead. This comes with such love, thought and caring because she understands just how much my faith means to me and how strong it has kept me in this fight. She herself is unconvinced so the gift is even more special because of this.

My final bead to mark the end of Chemotherapy came from my mother-in-law. I particularly wanted this bead because of its significance in my cancer fight. Early on, at the start of my treatment, a friend sent me Reiki healing in the middle of the night. I received the healing in the form of a vibrant blue butterfly. I didn't realise its significance until it came up in conversation. Forever in my life, a blue butterfly will mean love, hope, strength and faith.....
My bracelet is not yet complete. I have to tackle radiotherapy, my first hair cut (can't wait), my first swim, my first running race, getting to goal weight, my one year after surgery, herceptin. Once it is complete, it will be an eclectic range of beads and colours but to me.... it will be priceless and a lasting reminder that life is good, life is wonderful, life is for living........


  1. What a wonderful way to signify your steps along the way of what I can only imagine to be a difficult journey. I love the meaning of each bead to you!

  2. Hi Sara
    The beads are beautiful, they are a great way to signify your steps during this difficult journey
    Hugs to you

  3. How beautiful! I agree with the others, what a great way to signify all those important steps. You are one strong woman Sara!

  4. Beautiful beads...for beautiful you!!! ♥

  5. Those are beautiful beads ... good for you and I look forward to seeing the others as you get them.

  6. They are beautiful, I love this idea. I still really like the hedgehog one you had representing your hair...


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