Thursday, 3 September 2009

Nearly all Over - Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Above is a picture of my teal nail polish (don't look at the dust!). Teal toe nails to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer. Painted toe nails willl follow. I purchased that after chemo today.

As I sit here, I am ready to fall asleep. Chemo has started to have its affect on me. It wasn't a good day for me today. My veins had shut down. They could get a canula in but they couldn't push it further enough for chemo. In the end the decision was made to use my "affected" arm but at that point I was practically begging them to do that anyway. So the visit took longer than usual, was more painful and it upset me more than I can say. Little did I know 15 years ago as I made my vows before God and Vicar David that I would be having chemo in my fight against cancer. This time 15 years ago we were having our photographs taken....
The wild flowers which Harry brought for me. He even found the jug and put them by my bed. You see there the teal nail polish - Ovarian Cancer Awareness. He is such a thoughtful child. I told him I had chemo today and he couldn't understand that I had to have medicine to make me ill, to make me better! Logic.
Penny; Harrys Russian Dwarf Hamster. He yes I know, Penny is technically a girls name BUT Harry wanted to call him this because when he had him he was as tiny as a penny piece, anywat, Penny is only tiny and is quite old in hamster terms. He was destined for Harry as he knows no fear. The other night, Harry told me he loved me more than anything in the whole world...... and Penny but he loved me more than Penny. So there you are, I am ranked in with a Russian Dwarf Hamster!

So.... I am not feeling too good today, not a good experience but next week will be the last. However, I am happy to have had 15 happy years of marriage to my wonderful husband who has supported me throughout this awful war against cancer.


  1. Bless you...I'm sorry this one was so rough. As we close in on the end it seems that this can happen...we've ridden this so long and towards the end our endurance seems to waiver. But not your strength or your courage...I know that.

    Ah bless Harry for loving you more than Penny...and that he ranks you with his hamster...that is love, pure and sweet. He may not have the "logic" about something bad to make you well..but look at the wildflowers and the jug to place on your table...His love is deep my dear.

    Now rest and rest and rest. And remember the happy times that this day has given you -- your wonderful husband, so many years of blessed marriage, two wonderful children...the important things in life.

    You are blessed...I wish you a happy anniversary and many more years of happiness with one another and as a family.

    I look forward to seeing your teal toes when you are ready!!! ♥

  2. Sorry to hear they had to use the bad arm :( But today is a GREAT day, you married a GREAT guy :) Happy Anniversay x

  3. Oh Sherry, I am in tears reading your message. You are so sweet and kind and know exactly how to say the right things. What a great gift you have.
    And thank you Caroline - you are right, 15 years ago today I married a great guy! xx

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Sorry chemo was rough but only 1 more... you've had a long haul...

  5. I am so sorry that it was hard to find a good vein. I still have a purple knot on my wrist from my last infusion with Taxol. It is a bit smaller now and less painful but still there 6 months later. I hope you'll do something special for your anniversary though being a chemo day, probably not in the cards. Soon this will be over..

  6. Oh I wish for you many many more years of marriage. What a wonderful family you have. I have come to love them as I have read your blog. And they will be there to love you even after you finish this battle! Tell little Harry that we have a very famous basketball player here in America named Penny Hardaway. And he is definitely a boy. Maybe Harry could tech Penny to play basketball. Hugs to you my sweet friend.

  7. Happy Anniversary and I hope you feel better soon sweet<3!! Almost done!

  8. Happy Belated Anniversary. Sorry I missed the actual day but glad I didn't miss this post entirely. Sorry you experienced such challenges on this day but happy you have such wonderful family support.
    Hugs and blessings,


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