Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tired...... AGAIN!!!!

Yep, tired again! I wish I didn't feel like this. I can cope with feeling ill but not this washed out tired feeling.

Mum, Auntie Heather and Uncle Phil took me to Glan Clwyd today so it was a nice change. Uncle Phil is having a stall at Coedpoeth Village Fete on Saturday. He turns wood and makes the most fantastic crafts such as carved walking sticks, figurines and welsh love spoons. His attention to detail is "second to none" he has an amazing talent and his works of art astound me. I will try to get some photos and hey....... if anyone wants to commission a piece of work...... made by a 100% welsh man, living in the welsh mountians, let me know and I will get you in touch with him.

In Wales it was a tradition for a suitor to carve a wooden spoon for his betrothed which signified everything he could give her. These spoons are beautiful.

Anyway, I digress...... Radiotherapy over again, same faces, same routine. My radiographer yesterday and today was born in 1966, same as me! The year the football won the World Cup! I hope I have weathered better than him!!! Mind you, it was nice to put the young ones in their places when we talked about shillings, half pennies and the old pound note!!

When I got home I was ordered to bed by my mum!! I must admit, the second my head hit the pillows I fell asleep. However, last night my sleep was interrupted by a naughty yapping dog called Pickles! The only time she yaps is if she is upset but last night it was because I had a chicken defrosting on the side! Naughty Pickles!!!!

I managed to get to the doctors in the village and requested some diprobase on prescription without seeing the doctors. The nurse said this would be ok so I can collect from Glen in Rossett Pharmacy tomorrow.... that will save me about £5 - £10 because all our prescriptive medicine in Wales is free on the NHS.

So tonight, mum has gone home and I am looking forward to a night with my husband, hopefully a peacefull sleep and more radiotherapy in the morning.

Oh..... PS....... I can't share my secret with you yet but at the end of October........ one of my dreams is coming true........... watch this space dudes!!!!!!!!


  1. The fatigue with rads is overwhelming...but you will do this and good on your mum for putting you to bed when you got home!!! :)

    What a lovely Welsh custom about the carved spoon and getting married.

    And now of course my curiosity is sky high about your bit secret!!! Something for you to look forward to -- and us as well!

  2. My husband has rads coming up in October for his hip and backbone. I think he will be tired too. I hope everything inside is healing for you. I will say prayers. Thank you for visiting my Eastern Woodlands today. The wooden spoons and walking sticks sound impressive. You should get some photos. Your dream secret sounds amazing. =D

  3. Hi Sara,

    I am feeling the fatigue from rads too. ;p. Glad this treatment only takes a few weeks.
    :) Curious about your secret! ;)

  4. I'm looking forward to photos of your uncle's handiwork, it's nice to read that he's keeping a traditional craft alive. I hope you have a better energy day tomorrow. Sounds like you have a lovely supportive family, you are blessed.

  5. Hi Sara - I am still waiting for confirmation of when my radiation will start - likely mid-next week now. I've read that the fatigue is because your body is working so hard to heal itself from the damage the radiation does - that is you feel so tired. Even getting extra sleep won't make it go away, you just have to keep going and get through it. Hopefully you'll get more energy back on the weekend.

  6. A dream coming true, how sweet is that.

    Love to you sweet Sara.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Very excited to find out the secret ...

    Take care and rest ... you need it.

  8. Beth, thanks for the explanation, I was wondering how radiotherapy makes you tired and now I know. R is ok its just the whole mental thing of lieing there in front of strangers with your body exposed, once you get over that its ok better than chemo!

  9. Sara ...i was exhausted when i recieved radiation to the head. Your so right it is a mental and emotional thing of what your have to do to receive the radiation. I have heard other woman say the same thing and men to that are dealing with prostrate and testicular cancer as well.
    But your amazing and you will work through it daily and get the job done. I am glad Mum is there to help and you are getting your rest. Rest for now is the best healer.
    Sending hugs and prayers your way.

  10. Oh and about the secret can't wait to know :)


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