Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Radiotherapy, sore boobs, Tamoxofen and Feeling Good

Considering the last year has been so awful, over the last few days I have been feeling more and more like my old self. I dont know whether it is the relief of finishing the radical part of my treatment or that chemo was 4 weeks ago. Yesterday I cleaned my house and carried on all day without hitting that tiredness wall that I was used to with chemo.

Today, my breast is still sore from radiotherapy. I have been advised to cover my breast in E45 cream or diprobase and let it sink in and to do this a few times a day. The worst part is the nipple area which feels like it did during the early days of breast feeding. You know the soreness? When your baby cries and your toes curl at the thought of feeding.

Anyway; I have discovered a way to ease and soothe that area! BREAST PAD.... the ones you have when you are nursing. I cover that in diprobase and not only does it keep the cream in place but it offers padding. So if you are reading this and are facing radiotherapy following a lumpectomy.... GET YOURSELF SOME BREAST PADS!
My next dilema is Tamoxifen.

I picked it up today and I will start taking it tomorrow morning. However, crazy though it seems after 12 rounds of chemo and 15 of radiotherapy, I am scared stiff of the side effects. I suppose it is because I will have to take this tablet for 5 years. I am dreading swelling or weight gain. I already have 2 + stone to lose.

Incidentally; these particular tablets were made by CP Pharmaceuticals in WREXHAM. I went for a job there once as a buyer and was shortlisted to 2 - didn't get it though.
My friend Dennise called on me yesterday and brought with her the most beautiful bouquet of flowers as pictured here on my bed and below in my Portmeirion jug in my bedroom window. They are so gorgeous but the reason I love them so much is because they are not shop bought. Dennise carefully selected each flower and stem and tied them together in such an artistic way. She wanted to give me something to celebrate end of treatment and wanted something to reflect the time of year.

These photographs do not do the arrangement justice. Dennise also has breast cancer and has her last round of chemotherapy in a weeks time.

I also received another gift from a my friend Sherry which is delightful. The picture is handcrafted to reflect both our battles and our connection to each other. This picture is going to be placed into my shelving unit with my two collectors teddy bears.
How kind friends are and it is kindness such as this that brightens a persons life and can even save a life. Thank you all.

Oh.... I forgot...... Mike Peters and his team reached the summitt of Kilimanjaro yesterday! Well done guys!


  1. What beautiful flowers Sara. You have some wonderful friends. That's a really good idea about the breast pads:) I thought of you when I posted my blog this morning. You'll have to drop by when you are feeling up to it. Blessings to you:)

  2. Brilliant idea! I wish I'd thought of it! A tip from me - keep your E45 cream in the fridge. it feels soooooo good when you put it on cold!

    I haven't gained weight with tamoxifen, although my hands and feet have swollen. out of everything, it's been the least worst, i think.

  3. The flowers are very lovely ... what a nice friend. Hope you get to feeling better and better every day.


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