Friday, 30 October 2009


Well, I had my BLUE day yesterday and I thought today just might be pink but its not, its YELLOW.

Why yellow?

I have noticed a pattern with my emotional fight with cancer and when I have a BLUE day which I actually call my day of "self pity" and "wallowing in self pity" it is followed by a YELLOW day which is when I feel as though someone has poured a bucket of freezing cold water over my head and I am washed with the realisation that.....bloody hell....... I had cancer....... what if it comes back!

I had such a feeling today and it put my day of self pity (my BLUE) day into perspective.

So I am going to deal with my YELLOW day and tomorrow I know for sure its going to be PINK!


  1. Life is all about perspective isn't it? I love that you colour your days and know what mood is what colour...wishing you many rainbow days!!! ♥

  2. Hi Sara - you had cancer and YOU BEAT IT! you should remember that at the start of any blue day to change it to pink!!

  3. For sure it will be Sara. And you will be very pretty in pink!

  4. I hope you are in the pink, Sara!


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