Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Doors and Windows

I was so excited about this project because it has given me the great opportunity to share Wrexham town with you together with my much loved Erddig Hall. So not much space for text with this shoot out. Above is Wilbur examining a fallen tree which looks rather like a doorway into another world (Erddig Hall Parklands).
This picture was taken from Argle Street, Wrexham town. During the Falklands War some graffittist changed the name to Argie Street. You can see the main High Street through the arcade and beyond, the Horse & Jockey Pub which is the only remaining thatched roof building in Wrexham town. The buildings and arcade were built as a dowry by local gentry.

The entrance of the Horse and Jockey Pub. You can tell how old the building is by the small height of the door. Mind your heads gentlemen!!!!!! It is still a very old and traditional pub. A usual "stop off" for football fans heading for the Racecourse to wath the Dragons (Wrexham FC).

This is the back entrance to Erddig Hall. Probably the "short cut" into the estate when one didn't want to use the more majestic way in. It was probably used by tradesmen and servants too. Notice the carvings on the stone. The picture was taken from Erddig Hall Parklands.

This picture was taken from Erddig Hall Parklands and this is rather an old "kissing gate" which allows entrance into the estate. Oh how it confused my poor dogs!!

Erddig Hall gardens are full of doors and windows. I was really excited to be able to share their beauty with you all. This picture was taken from the "Rose Garden" looking onto the "Formal Gardens".

This was the large gateway entrance from the "Formal Gardens" at the front of the house into the "Rose Gardens". Note the little cubby hole set in the wall which has been limed and has seats in. There are lots and lots of these dotted around the garden. I suppose it was for the owners to take breaks in their jaunts around the garden. A pleasurable experience if they were to the standards they are today.

A different aspect of the same view. You can see the cubby hole a little better and the windows on the outside buildings and those of the "Chapel" adjacent to Erddig Hall.

This is the main entrance to Erddig Hall. Look at all of those windows. Some windows to the side were bricked up when the government introduced tax on windows. If you look at the roof, you can see a small wall skirting the edge. This wall was built to hide the servants windows!

This is the entrance from the working yard of Erddig Hall into the "Formal Gardens" - so pretty.

The doorway from the Orchard and the working gardens which is now a car park. This leads you along a kitchen herb garden to the woodworking and blacksmiths yard.

View from the car park which was once the Orchard and Working Garden. This leads into the "Formal Garden" at the front of the house. I wonder if the small door in the big door is for the duck?

Wrexham Police Station taken from the Wrexham Car Park. The flat rooved building is the War Memorial Hall. Look at all those windows in that 1970's tower! I wouldn't like to clean them! It is structurally the tallest building in Wrexham but because St Giles Parish Church is built on a mound, it still stands above the Police HQ - which is right because the church was designed so that all could see it over the parish and be reminded of God.

The entrance to the Guildhall. Yes, Prince Charles and Princess Diana have stood on that balcony along with the Mayor and various other important people. I love this part of Wrexham because it takes me back to my childhood.

I remember this Butchers shop from when I was a little girl so its very old and you can tell. This is situated on Charles Street another old part of town. I always liked the Rossettes in the window.

Finally, I like the Old Registry Office; where you would register births, deaths and marriages. It has been re-homed on three occasions now. Just look at that pillared doorway and the old sash windows. The window glass is original too, you can tell by the way the sun catches it and you can see the imperfections.

I have so enjoyed this Friday Shoot Out!
Thank you all for visiting and any comments you might leave.


  1. I really like the view on Argle Street :)

  2. Thanks so much for providing such beautiful and interesting pictures for this armchair traveller (though in a month I will be in Italy) I loved the picture of the pub the best and looked at its menu close-up. What is a padlova? The formal gardens too were beautiful. I am so glad to have a friend in Wales.

  3. I really enjoyed your very very pretty part of the world!

  4. you have a truely amazing area. Beautiful!!!!

  5. Gorgeous area - thanks for sharing. Love the fallen tree which does look like a doorway into the animal world perhaps ;)

  6. What great pictures Sara.

    I love all doorways.


  7. Denise, I am glad that you were able to see my perspective on the fallen tree.... when I took the photo that is exactly what I thought... the imagination could go anywhere with that one!

  8. A tax on windows??? What will they think of next?

    I loved this post so much Sara, I'm going back to take the tour all over again. In fact I may just spend the morning in the Erddig Hall. I can't think of a better way to spend the day.

  9. Barry, I love Erddig Hall so much. In the early years following the Squires death you could "feel" the warmth and happiness in the house. It was a family home full of treasures. I would love to share more of it if I could. I rode there as a child when the Squire was alive, it is such a wonderful place, so close to my heart x

  10. Your pictures really capture the charm and history of the Wrexham area, particularly Erddig Hall. The gnarly old tree sets the mood for this beautiful little tour. It is obvious that you have strong attachments to this place, because of your attention to the details. Often I had to go back to the picture and look again for the window, for the carving, for the duck door, even for the duck! The whole effect is overwhelmingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. I love the doors the first is the best though, doorway to another world is exactly what it looks like... go back and get some close ups of the wood of the roots and branches, bet they would make great photos.

  12. You have such a pretty town! I'm putting it on my list of must-see-in-persons.

  13. I love the fallen tree photo. It looks like your dog is going to another universe, like something magical will happen when he walks through. Your photos are beautiful. I like the photo of the jockey club. Something about it just speaks to me.

  14. A truly lovely bunch of photos, giving me a good feel for your area. It's 4:30 PM my time right now, and I'm thinking if I lived where you do, I might just head out to the Horse and Jockey for some of that toasted teacake?

  15. Some of those pictures are absolutely gorgeous ... good job.

  16. Enchanting! Erddig Hall is magnificent, isn't it? Your love for your town shows through in every photo. Love how you wove the little duck into your description. Oh, and the very first photo of the door to nowhere.

  17. Sara, your photos are warm inviting, they say come here stay for some quiet solitude. The streets, the buildings gardens capture everything. I so enjoyed them all.

    Love Alli.......XXX

  18. Great shoot out this week Sara! :-)

  19. Errdig Hall was beautiful, along with its gardens. I guess taxes on our windows is something Obama hasn't thought of yet. He will, I'm sure.
    My favorite shot was of Wilburs doorway. We need to see more of him.
    Great photos!

  20. MARVELOUS photo series documenting this outing! It's fun to see sights (sites?) virtually when I'm not likely to get there myself for real. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. love the many gates and door ways to Erddig Hall. beautiful lawns and gardens also. great shoot out!!


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