Thursday, 10 September 2009


This is the cake I had made for the staff at Wrexham's Shooting Star Unit where I have received my chemotherapy. I ordered it from a local shop called "Sugar and Spice" on Charles Street and he did me proud! Don't let the white icing deceive you, underneath there lies a CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!!!!! I had the words of Mike Peters on the cake "Love, Hope, Strength" because that is how I cope with my fight.

Can you hear the happiness in my voice? Can you hear it as my fingers dance lively across my keyboard?

My last round of chemo is over! Done, gone, gone forever! Hurray!

My nurse was Sarah and she is so lovely, well they all are! She tried to get a line in my compromised arm but for some reason, failed. The vein they had used last week was still badly bruised. She checked out my other arm and the veins were pretty useless so rather than traumatise me like last week, she called the doctor and he managed to get a line in. Not as gently as most of the nurses I must say, but at least it was in.

Sarah suggested that given my situation I may like to consider a port for my herceptin. She said that my oncologist doesn't normally do ports but she would talk to the doctor and it could be a possibility. I will not deny it because my veins are small and this has been a nightmare.

Sarah was so kind, she pushed the drugs in very slowly so it didn't hit me like a truck like last week. Consequently, I am not feeling as bad as I did this time last week; then I got home and spent the next 24 hours lieing in bed! At least I have felt well enough to lounge around in my PJ's. My tummy hurts so much and my arms and legs are weak but I think my elation of finishing chemo is helping keep the side effects to a minimum.

We went to Sainsburys for a bite to eat post chemo which was nice. We both had the mega all day breakfast which consisted of; 2 eggs (I gave one to Jason), 2 sausages (I gave one to Jason), bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and chips (fries for you Americans reading this). Yummy!
So my friends....... this chapter is closed and the next one is opening. I just want to thank you all; my friends and family for sticking by me, for all the positive comments which has kept my fire burning. I thank Mike Peters of The Alarm for his inspirational music, which, on my darkest days have helped me to renew the fight.

On a final note..... I thank my brothers Peter and Gareth for being my brothers. Peter and I now share a day in the year......10th September for different reasons. His day took him away from us, my day keeps me with everyone but he is always with me in spirit. I put sunflowers on his grave today post chemo, he was like a sunflower for me... Tall, Strong, Straight and like the sun he shone and will always shine in my heart........


  1. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you (and for me) that we are done chemo!! I really think the last one was the easiest for me - probably my good spirits at being done carried me through, I hope it is the same for you!!

  2. I'm so happy for you. Chemo is all done, time to celebrate :)

  3. Well done Sara, so pleased it is over with! Hope you will be better this week post chemo than last, looking forward to the post chemo party, whenever it is we will be there - with bells on!!!! lol
    Love Sharon, Rich and Jess xxxxxxxxx

  4. congrats! hope you start feeling better fast. I had a port in my chest for the chemo, probably much easier, I have small veins also. whenever they take blood they use a pediatric needle.

    nice tribute to your brother.

  5. Congratulations my friend! No more chemo (except Herceptin). Now do they call that a Welsh breakfast?

  6. Congratulations for you on your big day! This is a real milestone.

  7. Hi Sara
    Congratulations, very happy for you... you will start feeling better each and everyday....
    and yes the port is a good idea, I have one, it helps when our veins disappear.
    All the best to you

  8. So happy for you, my friend. I'm so glad they might give you a port. I know it will make the herceptin easier. And you, dear lady, deserve easier!! Blessings to you:)

  9. I'm so happy for you that it is behind you.

  10. Congratulations girl ... I am so happy for you.

    Love the cake and wording even more ... Love, Hope, Strength!

  11. V is for Victory. V is for very very happy Sara!!
    You did it. You finished all your chemo!!!

    And that beautiful cake?!?! Oh they will have been so happy when you brought that in!!

    As for a port and might be the answer, but remember, your veins will have had time to settle a bit before that so you still might be just fine. We'll keep that good thought!


I value each and every comment left, they keep me going and give me strength!