Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Eye Tests are an Education!

My eyes have been troubling me over the last few months and when I started having splodges in front of my eyes when reading, I decided that I was due for an eye test.

So I telephoned my wonderful optician Mr Seys Llywelyn and made my appointment.
Mr Llywelyn is dyslexic and he is the most interesting person I have ever met. He gives you a thorough test but stops to chat as well. Sadly, he is retiring this year so I will have a hard job finding someone of his calibre.

He asked me if I had neck problems, I confirmed that I did and he told me that it was the neck problems causing the splodges. He explained that we have 4 veins supplying the brain and 2 of them travel through the bone. When on chemo your veins are narrowed so the supply is lessened. That, together with tiredness and movement / position of your head can cause the supply to lessen even more. This probably accounts for the headaches I experience when running.

The tinitus I have been suffering, the chills, the eye sight problems are all down to the chemo's effect on my blood supply. Once I am through with chemo, these side effects will disappear. There was me thinking it was nerve damage! He also confirmed that I do have small veins which has an added effect on my system.
Good news is that I was negative for glaucoma and apart from the chemotherapy I am a very healthy person!

I prepared him for Harry's appointment on Friday, he will need preparing!!!! I, in the meantime, will find myself a decent chiropracter to sort my neck out once and for all. After all, once September ends I will be running again and I don't want to be compromised in any way!!!!


  1. Good news that it'll resolve itself over time. This will all be behind you before you know it! You have a wonderful spirit that will bring you wellness soon enough.


  2. That is all good news ... and a plan for the future ... good job.

  3. It's truly amazing what we learn about our bodies when we have chemo. And eye tests these days can tell us soooo much. Isn't it a relief to know that the splodges will go away and that isn't something more serious? We always go to the worst once we've been diagnosed with something like cancer...I'm glad your eye doctor is so on top of things and was able to tell you what was going on.


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