Monday, 28 September 2009

Phew! What a Weekend!!

Jason and Sian figuring out the wiring for the lights, kareoke and music!

What a hectic weekend we have had! We had our new bedroom wardrobes fitted on Friday so then we had the huge task of finding homes for our things and fine tuning the newly transfered wardrobes in Joe's room. I am so pleased with the wardrobes which were fitted by Broughtons in Chester. I would highly recommend this firm as they designed the furniture to our room and the quality of workmanship is excellant. Very pleased.

Saturdays are always busy in our house because 9am until 10.30am Joseff has his tennis lessons with Reg at Chester Lawn Tennis Club then at 11.30am the three boys head of for riding lessons at Lisas. Jasons mum came over this weekend as well and we only just realised that it was Chester races! Hectic traffic!

In the afternoon we took ourselves over to Sians house to help her and Jan put the decorations up for the 70's party thrown to celebrate Jans birthday and end of chemo for me. It was pretty amazing I can tell you.
So Jason dressed as Austin Powers and I went as a flower power girl. I have always quite fancied long blonde hair so you can guess the type of wig I bought. We drove to Sians through the village picking up Jans sister on the way. You should have seen the looks we got, it was hilarious! We saw Christian (Joes class mate) and his dad on their bikes and Christians face was funny. They cycled back for a second look!!! We could have driven around the village all night having fun but the party called....
This is Sian and me, sorry the pictures are not too good we were too merry to work out the flash!

The food was done by caterers and it was AMAZING. I am so sorry I didn't take pictures of the food because it was a complete work of art and it tasted so good. There was salad, new potatoes, Salmon en croute, the beef wellington just melted in your mouth, eggs, pate on biscuits with olives, a cheese fondue, jelly shaped like a rabbit, melon balls, prawn cocktail, black forest gateaux, and fairy cakes with magic moon dust on them.....

So here is one of our hosts with her daughter dressed as Wonder Woman!
I didn't drink too much however I have found that in the aftermath of chemo alcohol tends to hit me quite hard. I regret to say that I DID fall over twice and giggled which is the norm for me, but I did take myself off to bed at midnight while the party still raged until 4am! I dipped my feet into the jacuzzi, I laughed, danced, fell over and had so much fun. I even slept walked but thats another story......

Sunday was spent in tiredness as you can imagine and today more zapping which actually made my scar hurt but hey ho only 4 more to go!


  1. If a girl can't fall over at her own party, then what kind of party is it?!?! :) I hear you about alcohol and tolerance after's just not the same!! Glad you had such a grand time and only 4 more "zaps" to go!! Woo Hoo!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a good party. Love the blonde wig!


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