Friday, 2 October 2009

Livestrong Day and Kilimanjaro Rocks

Sorry - no Friday Shoot Out for me this week! I got all mixed up last week and haven't had time to retake pictures.

The pictures off this page are courtesy of the Love Hope Strength Foundation. These pictures were taken TODAY as the team continue their journey up Kilimanjaro in aid of worldwide cancer funds. What strikes me when I look at the video and pictures is just how up beat they are and smiling - amazing really!

If you want to follow the team on a daily basis then you can go direct to or follow them on facebook.

Today is worldwide LIVESTRONG DAY and this is the team holding up the yellow prayer flags which bear the names of cancer fighters, survivors and those who haven't. They are showing their support for LIVESTRONG DAY to raise world wide awareness of cancer. My name is on one of those flags. As they filmed this they all sang "Love Hope and Strength". I supported Livestrong day by wearing my band and of course, my horrible yellow hospital robe for my last round of radiotherapy.

My heroes: This man has fought cancer twice, he is in remission and not only has he founded the Love Hope Strength Foundation, he has rocked Snowdon 3 times, Everest, The Empire State Building and now Kilimanjaro. In my opinion, this rock star couple are THE Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi love story of the rock world. Such nice people.

As promised in yesterdays blog, I am featuring items that you can purchase to raise money for Breast Cancer. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month so guys and girls check those bazukas! I quite like these little rubber ducks so I may be buying some myself as Christmas gifts. Available from Breast Cancer Care.


  1. Live long dear one.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Livestrong Sara...I am so glad radiation is done...Hugs from here

  3. oh so cool thanks for sharing

  4. Awesome pictures! Praying for you!


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