Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sorry all


I am sorry that I haven't been blogging much recently and I haven't been checking in on my blogger friends either. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. I found that the radiotherapy visits really upset my routine and this week.... I have felt so good, I have been busy doing lots of other things. Until this week when I have started to feel more like myself, I didn't realise just how ill I have been.

My breast is still sore following the radiotherapy and bled at the weekend. I am maintaining my breast pad covered in cream routine and that brings me some relief but I will be so glad when it is all repaired and I can start running and swimming again.

The dogs have been happy because I have been able to walk them and we have had such a fun week. Today, I was a bit sad though because Pickles has broken out in an excema rash on her tummy. I clipped her (not too short) then bathed her in my Gorgeous Guineas shampoo and have been applying cream regularly to the affected area. Maybe she is having a rash in sympathy with me??

So this week I am not looking forward to my first dose of herceptin. I have to go in at 9am and stay all day. Apparently because herceptin is so expensive, they do not make it up for you until you actually arrive at the unit. The drug itself takes about an hour to go in via canula then I have to stay in hospital for 6 hours after the infusion to make sure that I do not have any bad side effects.

It is my little Joe's birthday on Thursday, I cannot believe that he will be 11. It only seems like yesterday that I had him all 6lbs 1 oz of him. Tiny, tiny little body, face I couldn't take my eyes off, wow! love at first sight or what and now he is going to be 11. All he wanted for his birthday was crystals so thats what we have got him together with a carved wooden box to house his precious gems. He wants to use his crystals to heal and takes the matter very seriously.
I also go to Darland School on Thursday to check out the High School Joe will be going to in September.

I am still waiting for news on my big surprise this month. I can't wait!!!!


  1. Sara, man-o-man...time for some comfort and relaxing, huh?? My Sam's (the oldest) birthday is tomorrow - and he'll be 11 too :)

    May your day's to come find you more comfortable, with energy to last and peace to live freely ♥

  2. Sara, rest and take care of your self.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Pickles had a sympathy rash ... animals can be so amazing.


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