Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Poetry Heals

I find solace in poetry, it has helped me through many a difficult time. As part of the Spirit Jump programme I was so sad to hear of the loss of one of the jumpees to whom I had just sent a spirit jump. I followed this up with a card of condolenct together with one of my favourite poems which comforted me greatly following my brothers death in 1990.

An Indian Prayer (Anon)

When I am dead
Cry for me a little
Think of me sometimes
But not too much,
Think of me now and again
As I was in life
At some moments it's pleasant to recall
But not for long.
Leave me in peace
And I shall leave you in peace
And while you live
Let your thoughts be with the living.

I was touched beyond belief to receive the most beautiful card from the family and I was told how much this poem meant to their father, that it healed him over night. I am so privelaged to have been able to transform a life with a simple gesture.

So listen to this. Gossip, nasty words, deeds can impact greatly on a life in such a negative way. Driving a nail deeper and deeper into the ground. Please don't choose this way of life. Don't gossip, don't relish in other peoples misery...... Instead, I beg you to do the opposite. Smile, give compliments, make a positive difference to someones day.

Throughout my fight with cancer, the text messages, face book messages, blogging messages, cards and word of mouth messages are what has kept me going. YOU reading this will have given one of those messages and I want YOU to know what a tremendously positive impact YOU have had on my life and for that I thank you.


  1. You are such a love and full of hope and grace. It's more than just the words in this poem that were such a blessing to this family...it was your gesture of kindness and goodwill. When we act selflessly towards others it is such a gift and puts so much positive energy into the world.

    (((muah))) to you -- and a big thank you right back for sharing your warm generous heart with all of us.

  2. That is a wonderful poem. All the best to you ... rest and take care.

  3. I so agree with you. We are not here to judge. We are not walking in the other persons shoes. I was listening to Joyce Meyer this morning on TV and one of her messages was words. How they impact, after all, she said that is the reason you are here, not because you love my voice but because of the words and the impact they make on your life.

  4. Sara,

    You are right: smiling does go a long way, by soothing a hurting soul. I met a woman yesterday who is battling breast cancer - for her 4th time. And do you know what I found to be the most incredible? The whole time I was speaking with her, she continued to smile. Talk about faith ... about strength ... about being a role model for us all. Ironically, SHE was the one hurting, yet she was still able to smile through it all...

  5. Beautiful...I lost my daughter at fourteen nine years ago, and poetry has helped me express myself...as well as laughter and smiling...


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