Sunday, 20 September 2009


My mum and Joe

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. They come from all walks of life and bring with them a wealth of information about their lives and experiences. They can be any age, any colour, any breed. Friends have no limitations.

Italic Chloe

When I was a girl, I had pen-friends from all over the world. Some came and some went but I am still in contact with two of them, one from America and the other Canada. We have never physically met but we are still friends and we care about each other. We give each other support when needed and just because we have not met, it doesn't lesson the friendship or bond that we have.

Italic Margaret, my mother in law

Some of my friends are tiny, some are large, some are wrinkled and some are covered in fur. Some I have met, some I have not but my friends are my friends and I value them so very much. My friends have played an integral part in my fight with Breast Cancer and some dont even realise it!

Mums dog Al

My blogging friends, well, I have not met you but you are my friends, no less or no more than those I see every day.

My Joe

So my friends, I thank God for cyber space and computer networking and I thank God for having you as my friends.


  1. And thank you for being my long distance friend Sara.

  2. There is something quite remarkable and wonderful about friends...I'm glad you are mine! ♥

    I too had pen friends from a young age and I'm still in contact with one -- who is truly my best friend. We've met quite a few times and bless her heart, she came over here from Belfast when I was having radiation and went with me for a week (and we had to be up at 5:00 a.m. each day -- can you imagine her jet lag?!?) because she needed to be here, to be part of this with me.

    Love all your wonderful photographs!

  3. Thank you Sara, you are a special person and I am glad I met you here via our blogs.
    Stay well, hugs


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