Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Marmite - You Either LOVE it or HATE it!!!!!!

I really had to dedicate the name of this post to MARMITE given all of the comments I have received about it. Even marmite themselves market their product as one you either love or hate! I really love it myself, its healther too, low fat and full of vitamin B. They even do marmite crisps and marmite cheese!!! Shall I send you some over the pond?
"Treasured Memories
Died 10.9.1990
A loving husband & father
A caring Son & Brother
Loved and Missed Always"

Seriously, I had to stop by at Peters grave today, just to say "hi". I know he is not there but I do have times where I get drawn to the church grounds. I am feeling it now because the anniversary of his death is approaching along with the end of my chemotherapy. Its my wedding anniversary on Thursday as well, 15 years! I remember placing my wedding bouquet on Peters grave. We were married at Gresford Church too, it was my way of including him on my special day because he should have given me away. Visiting his grave isnt something I like to do because it makes my loss real, even after 19 years I still feel that a part of me is missing. When I go there and look down on the cold, hard marble, its as though someone grips my heart and makes it bleed. I really, really miss you Peter, you were my rock and my protector.
Onto a cheerier note, I have begun to see the world as though I have only just opened my eyes. I look at my town of Wrexham and I see beauty every where I go. Today, next to the car park, I discovered the Burma Gardens, I had forgotten they existed. The picture does not do it justice. It is located near to the War Memorial and Wrexham Police Station.

A close up of the epitaph.

This funny person is located next to Wrexham Library near the Guildhall gardens. Oh, I have such happy memories of this part of Wrexham because it hasn't changed too much. I remember the library being built in the 70's. I used to spin around on the poles which were supposed to be barriers and play on the park land with my skipping rope having visited the National Milk Bar for a strawberry milkshake with Peter and my Great Auntie Lizzie.

This is a picture of me taken yesterday just to show you how much my hair is growing back (even if I don't like the colour!). I bumped into a Polish lady today in Wrexham town, she is having treatment at the Shooting Star Unit, her name is Irena. She has her last round of chemo on Thursday, such a lovely person, it was so nice to talk to her.

This is our new back garden gate! Jason completed it yesterday. The rubble has been cleared and the piece of dirt showing has been covered with bark chipping. We are going to paint it the same colour as the house edgings (whatever they are called) then I am going to plant something up the side to hide the wooden bars.


  1. Your hair is really growing!! And the end of chemo is finally in sight for you. I'm hoping the time passes quickly to get you through the end. I lit a candle on my blog for you and our other fellow warriors...

  2. All that hair!!

    Oh and i love Marmite... gooorrrgggeeeooouuusss xx


    Add me on facebook if you want to Sara... i took pics of my hair as it grew back and dated them.. its basically to help others going through chemo to work out how long there hair will be by a certain date.

    Hang in there girlie, your doing great xx

  3. keep on keeping on- nearly there!

  4. I can't believe how long your hair is while you still are on chemo. I didn't even get stubble until 6 weeks passed. I have about 2 inches now and my last treatment was 3-10, almost 6 months ago.
    Keep the marmite but I did like your pictures of the local art. I feel like I am visiting Wales just sitting here.

  5. Fabulous hair! It looks amazing! Do you touch it all the time? I still haven't got used to having mine back!

    Stephanie x

    PS mail me your address so i can send you your Livestrong band xx


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