Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Faith! I Believe.....

The picture above was taken at my friends daughters naming ceremony. This was the day before I started to lose my hair, I had it cut short in preparation but nothing, nothing on this world prepares you for losing your hair.

I don't know why, I can't give you an explanation.... but, deep in my heart (I am so scared to say this in case I jinx myself) I am so sure that I am cancer free...... I am so sure that I am not going to do this again. I have been given my test, I have past my test and now I am a stronger person, better equipt to deal with whatever is my purpose in this life.

I remember those years of trying for a baby; tests, pills, more tests...... Once I put my concerns to one side and accepted that this may not be my destiny.... I became pregnant with Joe. Having miscarried once, my pregnancy was threatened again..... I can't begin to tell you how it felt. I prayed and prayed that weekend and on the Tuesday, while walking across the car park, watching the ducks on the stream.... I was filled with a warm glow, as though some invisible arm was giving me a hug and the words came into my head "its going to be alright" .... and it was.Italic

This is how I feel about cancer.

Day two of radiotherapy was not as traumatic as yesterday. I talked to some women with breast cancer, I joked about the colour of our tunics.... "why do I get the insipid yellow.... bright purple is much more me!" - nice to have a giggle at not so giggleable topics! It was lovely to hear a mother with her 4 year old daughter and father talking in welsh. I was able to understand their tittle tattle which pleased me because I have lost my tongue since the death of my Nain and Taid. So comforting to hear welsh spoken as Wrexham has become much more diluted in the last ten years..... It is such a wonderful language, spoken with a tune..... love it! Dwyn carwch cymraeg!

So, I have faith and I believe.......

On a final note: I was so sad to hear of the death of Patrick Swayze, I have had a crush on him for 22 years! Ghost came out just after my brothers death and although it broke my heart, his portrayal brought me comfort. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Lisa who must be totally lost and crushed by this loss.


  1. Keep believing Sara. Keep that faith...I know exactly what you are talking about!!

    And yes, sympathies on the death of Patrick Swayze...he was strong and courageous and never let his spirit falter.

  2. Yellow tunics huh. We always got one size fits none dull green gowns that I never did figure out how to tie. Glad that radiation is going well. How many sessions?

  3. Sara: I know exactly how you are feeling. I was diagnosed with Breast cancer 4yrs ago at the age of 43. I had a bilateral masectomy with reconstruction, went thru 4 rounds of chemo and lost all my hair. Losing my hair was probably the most devasting part of having cancer. I cried more about my hair than I did my breasts. I also discovered that that I have the BRCA 1 gene as does my sister and my oldest daughter. I don't know if your Drs have discussed this mutation, but it is something to consider if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. Keep your spirits up, as this will all soon be in the past and you will be a survivor just as I am.
    Colby Kansas USA

  4. Sara,

    I was so sad to hear about brave Patrick Swayze as well. I've had a crush on him since "Dirty Dancing." My thoughts are with you and I encourage you to stay strong. I want to share a heart-felt video called “Stand Up To Cancer”— http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9avVoQB2_rQ> . This video highlights the importance of managing your cancer treatment and avoiding infection. Please watch and share with all your loved ones.

    Best of wishes,


  5. I believe with you, my friend!! Finish that radiation and start the next chapter of your life. I love your new word "giggleable" :) Think I'll start using it. Blessings to you!!

  6. Hi Sara
    I am behind you..... you are a great person...super mom
    Yes, stay positive
    Keep believing
    I too am saddened by Patricks passing, very sad
    Stay strong, hugs


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