Thursday, 17 September 2009

Feeling Better Today

This photo was taken while the boys were on holiday at Nana's with Nain too. This place is in Conwy by the harbour and near the castle. It is the smallest house in Britain. It belonged to a fisherman and provided the basic care he required which was a fire to cook on and a bed to sleep. My mum (their Nain) wanted this picture taken because a similar one was taken of me and my brothers when we were around this age.

Day 3 of radiation went well apart from not being able to park. I am getting to know some of the faces and the ladies using "Aled" ward seem to all have breast cancer so we joke about our gowns and how things are going.

My mum came with me today along with my Uncle Phil and Auntie Heather. It was a quick experience again. It was nice for mum to see where I am being treated and may help put her mind at rest. Having lost one child, I know that this cancer fight has perhaps hit her harder than it has me.

I was exhausted when I got home. I think it is a combination of being 5 days from chemo when the blood cells start to dip, TOTM (yes, I know.... should have stopped but hasnt) and driving the 100 mile round trip for radiotherapy over 3 days. Also, the previous night, my husband was due home at 8pm, dinner ready for him to reheat and despite a few messages telling me he would be late, he didnt get home until 2am and I can never ever settle when he is late home. When his is on rota I always wake up at the time he is due home and cant sleep until I hear that door opening. Its the way I am.

Mum has been staying over to help with the children and she has been a star. Apparently there was an altication in the cloakrooms at school yesterday and Harry allegidly hit a class mate. The said class mate then threatened Harry so my mum replied telling him "Less if that talk! If anyone is sorting Harry out it will be ME!" - good old mum! Jason has spoken to Harry's support assistant this morning and she is going to investigate. Harry absolutely ADORES her, has invited her over for a sleep over so that she can watch Star Wars with him and she has helped him so much at school, he is a different child because of her.

Anyway, I was at the end of her sharp tongue and was ordered to bed at tea time because I felt too ill to eat and remained there until this morning. I am feeling much better today.

So, 3 down and 12 to go...... Oh, I almost forgot....... HAMSTERS!


  1. You are so blessed with your mum..and I love how she handled the Harry/other child situation. Brava mum!! And Brava mum for getting you to bed...give her a hug from me!

    I love that your mum has been with you to radiation so she can see for herself what is happening. I did that with my children and my husband to anything they wanted to come and see -- it's important for them to know we're in a safe place and what we are going through. In your mum's case, this is going to be doubly hard for her so bless her heart and give her another hug from me!

  2. Now about that house...Oh my gosh that is TINY!! And I love that you now have a family photograph of your boys to similar to the one of you and your brothers. When your boys are older they'll really appreciate that.

  3. Goodness your boys look precious! Have a great weekend and rest up. Sending a hug from Canada just for you.


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