Sunday, 13 September 2009

My Adopted Word is...... HAMSTERS

Actor: Stephen Fry supporting I-Can's "Adopt a Word" Scheme

Both of my children have had, have "speech, language and communication" problems. They have received therapy at different levels and still have professional input in their lives.

When I was baptised into the realms of SLCD it was a complete shock for me. I have always been an excellant communicator, indeed, my apraisals regularly commended me for "being able to communicate on all levels..." what this meant was, as my job as a buyer I was able to speak to production line workers and company directors alike, achieving my objectives with success.
I got good grades in English Literature and English Language, I have always loved to read and write so this disorder was a culture shock.

One cannot imagine how awful it is not to be able to communicate. This is how it affects you;

1. You don't "get" the subtle jokes
2. You can't express how you are feeling
3. You have great ideas in your head but you just cant make people understand[
4. You know what you mean, why doesnt anyone else

Oh, I could go on and on and on.......

I have adopted the word "hamsters" because my boys hamsters, Penny and Blossom are important to them. Their hamsters understand them without question and they understand their hamsters.
As an adoptive "parent" of the word hamsters, I have to exercise the word on a regular basis. So fellow bloggers, look forward to hamsters appearing on my blog now and again.


  1. Glad your boys had their speech therapy, I have two sibling students, and they both needed speech therapy. Without them, it was very difficult to understand them.

    Thanks for all your great comments. Many young girls would like to be Jean Batten. Indeed, she was incredible for a female in the 30s. I am reading her biography online. It is so sad she died a recluse, she wanted her ashes sent to England.

  2. Thank you for your comment ....answering my meme I thought I'd better say something about the word "Hamster" ...

    We don't have them here in Australia hmmmmm
    unless they are Guinea Pigs ... I wonder if they are...

  3. OH that I've researched (thank you Mr Google) ... no they are not Guinea Pigs ...which children might have here ...more like baby Guinea Pigs or Rats!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Leaps onto a table* ....

  4. I had hamsters growing up and raised them for a science project. I learned the hard way about breeding them. The male (twice as big) was always ready-the female ready only for an hour or two every 4 days. When she wasn't ready, she'd attack the male mercilessly and he still was programmed 'to get it on" and wouldn't defend himself. Hard as she was on the males, she was always sweet to humans.


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