Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My New Wellies

As you all know, I was missing my boys this morning as they went to school today. I went to the hospital to get my bloods done. I was so nervous because my veins feel like pencils, they are so hard and it hurst. I told the nurse doing this and, bless her heart, she took the blood from a slightly different place and under the skin. The result was that it didn't hurt, just a prick like the old blood tests used to be before breast cancer. People like this through their kindness make such a huge difference to our lives.

After I got my bloods done I decided to go to the Country Store to look for some new wellies. I did buy some pretty pink, flowery ones but they weren't too comfortable for walking in. My last pair of Huntresses went a few months back because after years of use, the soles had worn thin. I managed to purchase a nice pair. Traditional green as before although now you can get them in all sorts of colours; red, blue, pink, purple. I think green is good.

I got some mince for tea and make a spagetthi bolonase (wrong spelling I know), something that the boys would enjoy!

Picking up time at school and right on schedule, the heavens opened! Always at 3pm if it is going to rain, it will rain then! Luckily, I was met by smiling faces. Harry informed me that I needed to go and see his teacher but "it wasn't bad". She seems to think that Harry may have eye sight problems because he is squinting when he works. Eye test duly booked.

Dental checks after school - all ok! Sweets from sweet shop as promised this morning and home. So far..... (touch wood)...... no melt downs!

Now Harry has found the biggest spider in the house and has made a box to put him in. I have told him "NO" Fred is a house spider and he doesn't want t live outside. He is now sitting next to me saying "If you love Fred, you don't love me..." "I wanted to keep him in the box..... no HARM would happen..." Poor Fred, he may become a casualty of meltdown. I hope not, I rather like him. Distraction tactics required.....


  1. Big smiles...sounds like a great day or everyone! The wellies are "perfect" -- they need to be green, don't they?? You'll be ready to trod!!

    And I'm glad that school went for Fred...well, he may well be a casualty of meltdown but the world won't end!! :)

    I'm glad the nurse found a good vein and made the blood draw comfortable...a light touch is sometimes all it takes...for so many things!

  2. Oh Sara what a good day all around.

    You are a marvel and I am crazy about you.

    I will find that song for me and Jacquie.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. I've never heard of "wellies"! Those are super cute, though! And I like the name. :) :) :)
    This winter I want to get some "cowgirl" boots. xoxo

  4. I really missed my two yesterday as well :( My youngest started school so I've got them both in the infants now. Katie was really excited about starting and she really enjoyed herself.

    Glad you had a good nurse yesterday, many either haven't got the skill or knowledge to do things a bit different or can't be bothered. It does make such a difference when someone is empathetic :)

  5. sory to hear abt the veins and that it hurt. glad the nurse was good.


    ps- sorry-i had to sign in again- not sure why it kept turning up in another blog.. :)


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