Monday, 6 July 2009

Care Package

My friend had her first lot of chemo last week. I had an appointment with my oncologist so while I was there, I checked in on her. She had her canula in and was waiting for her chemo drugs to arrive. The nice part about it was that she had benefited from my experience and when her nurse told her she would get her anti-sickness tablets, she asked for them to be done through IV. I learnt the hard way that I should have the drugs this way so I am glad I saved her the experience that I had.
I wanted to get her a gift, something just to let her know how much chemo sucks and I am thinking of her. I thought of flowers at first because I had so many. For about 2 months I was never without fresh flowers and cards, it was truly up lifting. I decided to put my experience to good use and put together a care package for her.A visit to Rossett Pharmacy was in order, although it is only small, they have a wonderful selection of items. First in the basket was baby shampoo; ideal for the scalp when the hair is gone. Then came the talc, this has been a life saver for me because when your body hair goes everything is so sticky and uncomfortable. I chose lip salve, hand and nail cream and foot balm.

My final trip was to the Grosvenor Garden Centre and there I purchased the cutest little rabbit by Jelly cat in a pink shrug, a word search book and a little book of inspiration. I love the latter item because when you are feeling down you can always find something to make you smile again. Oh, I also purchased some Brambley Apple Juice - very posh stuff!
I hope she likes her care package, not as easy to buy as a bunch of flowers but a little more useful I think.


  1. How kind and thoughtful of you! With a friend like you she'll have a much better and easier go of this, how much strength she'll gain from your care package


  2. Sara, your friend is going to love this care package because (a) it contains so many things she is going to need and be grateful to have and (b) it was put together with thought and love!!

  3. Oh Sara, that is a wonderful care package! It is intersting - once we have been there, we have a better understanding of the things we would have appreciated.

    I love that your experience has helped someone else. Your words diminish some of the negativity associated to our disease.

  4. Isn't it wonderful when you can take something horrid you have been through and turn it into something good - I love that!! Huge hugs to her and you!! Namaste, Sarah

  5. Hi Sara, what a great care package, it is wonderful to be able to share our experience that way (so someone else can benefit).

    Love your bald pics yesterday, you look great!

  6. Just as the cardinal is beautiful despite his "hair" loss
    you are also lovely!!
    And a child of God!!

    GREAT care package~~

    fondly, deena

  7. Care packages are very thoughtful and really appreciated.

    You will make her day.

  8. It's the small things that mean the very most. great care package.....


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