Thursday, 16 July 2009

Not a Good Chemo Session!!!


Harry and his Nana

As I am busy scanning old photographs, I have decided to share some of my favourites with you. I was on the other end of the see-saw with Joe and we had some fun that day at Nana's house.

I had more chemo today and it wasn't a good session. My veins weren't playing today and the pain as they tried to canulate.............. I have a high pain thresh hold but this made me want to cry. I warmed my hands twice over and in the end I was practically begging them to use the arm which had some lymph nodes removed. Two nurses attempted to canulate but in the end the Sister came and did the job. So....... my hand looks like a patchwork quilt and aches like crazy. The good thing is that I have a couple of weeks for my veins to rest before the next lot in August.

I am in bed now, head buzzing, feeling a bit light headed and my arm is weak. My dog Pickles is with me in sympathy because she has a sore tummy. She is prone to "hot spots" which I treat myself with Sudocrem but this lot isn't clearing up so well and she is miserable and doesn't want to walk. If it persists I may have to take her to the vet for an anti-inflammatory.
I did something really positive today! I have decided that the person who is making my life difficult at the moment is not going to win, I refuse to be polluted by nastiness and I will remain positive and good. This in mind, as I was off to chemo this morning I had the opportunity and took it, to wave and say "good morning". The response was as anticipated but I felt good because I had risen above it all and refused to be changed....


  1. Poor you ;-( .. its awful when the veins don't want to play but hang in there girlie xx

    You and Pickles stay put on the bed and have lots of cuddles.. dog cuddles rule in my eyes.

    And don't let who ever is upsetting you, win.. Your much braver and better than they are so hold your head up high and smile sweetly, always upsets people like that hehehe xx

  2. Sorry to hear abt the unpleasant chemo session today.

    You're a strong and brave girl .. ;)


  3. Hi Sara, this was the only way I could contact you! I am on Facebook, live in Seattle Washington. (I could not find you on FB by searching for your name and city, Wales, UK.) Let's keep trying to connect.

    Jill Cohen

  4. Dear Sara, so sorry your chemo today has upset you so, but on the positive side, you have risen above the nasty neighbour and showed them what you are made of - better stuff than them! Good for you I say, I would do exactly the same!I think I have come out in sympathy with you today, after going to Milton Keynes to get some paperwork signed to buy our home in Spain, I came home with aching calf muscles (can't think why - lol!!!!) and lay on the sofa, dog tucked behind me, and just watched the T.V. Keep your chin up honey, thinking of you and sending you good karma and lots and lots of hugs and kisses! Sharon xxx

  5. It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude about everything in life! I'm sorry to hear about your bad session and about Pickles too. Love the photos you've shared. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I'm glad I was able to make you smile :-)

  6. Oh my goodness Sarah - I relate so well to your vein story! I had that happen TWICE and I thought that I was going to hit the poor nurse. Me - a non-violent person, actually wanted to HIT someone! So I know where you are coming from. Glad that you got through it and are now at home resting!

    YEAH for being the better person! You are right - do not let that person attitude bring you down. Not worth it.

  7. just taking a moment to let you know I stopped by. sounds like you spend your days 'rising above' and that you are a very strong woman - one I can admire.

  8. Sorry to hear about the bad chemo session ... you'll need to nurse that arm for a while. Isn't it great to have a dog to comfort you. I don't know where I'd be without my dog.

    Good job with the wave.

  9. Welcome to the Friday Shoot Out gang Sara! I am so happy that you have joined us - it is a lot of fun, and it takes your mind off of your illness. For me, it has been a wonderful thing. I hope that you experience the same joy from it.


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