Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Help! The Romans are coming!

Before I start this blog, I wanted to add this picture of me which I HATE! I look so old in this picture it was taken at the Ice Cream farm yesterday. I just wanted to show you how I look when I go out. Can anyone else see why people give me odd looks?

I live right on the border of Wales and England, the dogs and I quite often hop the border. The city of Chester is only a few miles away so I am lucky to have, not only a lovely shopping centre on my door step but a city with historical significance.

There are many Roman remains in Chester including half of an Amphitheatre which is currently being excavated. Last weekend there was a historical display at the site and my boys thoroughly enjoyed a visit. Harry in particular enjoyed himself because he has been studying the Roman invasion into Britain and he quite likes swords and fighting!

The Roman soldier above is making Roman coins. The boys have one each to treasure.

The Roman lady here is in the process of writing my sons name "Joseff" in latin. He was really impressed with that!

Harry loved dressing up in the Roman armour! Quite often when we go shopping into Chester we are roused by the sound of Roman marches. A centurian taking a guided tour of school children around the city. I love to see their faces as they enjoy it so much!

The gladiator in this picture is in the ampitheatre itself.

The Gladiators here are fighting Celts. I, sadly, am one of the Celts!!!!!! My lineage can be traced back and apparently I have genetic features which point to celtic origin! It is interesting that there was a ban on the welsh/celts in the city of Chester between certain times of the day; if you were caught, the punishment was death. To my knowledge, the law has not been lifted!

Harry loved the fact that a Celt came up to Joe, swept him off his feet and ran away with him. He also found it amusing that the Celt pinched a purse off a lady.... personaly..... I find this particular type of stereotyping offensive (only joking, our nation were known to pillage).

So the boys had a really good time in Chester. Harry came home with the biggest smile on his face and a sword plus... what do you call them (chemo brain).... a shield, yes he came home with a sword and a shield. I then had to go out into the garden and have a fight with him. He was the Roman (of course) and I was the celt!

"Hey, mummy, you are a good fighter" said Harry - well "don't be surprised" said I, I grew up with two brothers and played cowboys and indians, cops and robbers or war - I just prefer not to play boys games these days!!!!!

I spotted two grey hairs growing back today! How, very dare they!!!!! I didnt have the heart to pluck them out because my hair is precious!


  1. You look great Sara, I don't see 'old' at all!

  2. Your hair will start sprouting very quick now... you don't look old at all.. now i did look old!!!!! x

  3. I can see why the boys liked being with the Romans!!! Exciting for them!!

    Old? I know what you are saying about how you look in the photo...you don't look old and you look lovely...what you are seeing with your eyes is what is happening inside you and that is reflecting out to you...You still have a beautiful smile and a lovely head!! :)

  4. I think the others are right about the picture. You do look very lovely. I had to laugh about your outrage at the two gray hairs. Oh, Sara! My hair has grown back completely iron gray.

    I love history, and enjoyed reading about the boys' encounter with it. I am the mother of a history major, and I have to say, I think she got that from me.

  5. I think you look absolutely beautiful - and you are both inside and out! (((Big hugs)))

  6. that's ok. it's still you and that is beautiful. When you get well again, you can look hot again. ;)


  7. Your picture looks great, especially for a Celt!

    And you are so lucky to be living so close to such interesting history! I can see why Harry had such a great time!

  8. I stopped by your blog because your avatar caught my eye. Now, I've read your story and want to wish you all the strength in the world to fight your illness.

    You seem to have a very good attitude and that's really important. I also couldn't help but notice that you are a dog groomer. I have a four pound Papillon (my angel) and we try to brush daily.

  9. what a great experience for your boys (and you too of course) so now your "following treatment" holiday can be to ROMA, Italy (http://gingersflowers.blogspot.com/search/label/Italy)
    and they can continue to learn about the Romans.


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