Sunday, 5 July 2009

All I want for Christmas bugger the 2 front teeth I want my hair!!!

This is our trusty tent purchased about 15 years ago. We toured Wales in in before we had children and we had such fun. Last night, some friends called in on us, it was late when they left so we opened a bottle of red wine, lit the chiminea and tea lights then played music and videos on the laptop. Rather than take ourselves off to bed we decided to sleep in the tent on the air bed of course and what a lovely sleep I had too.

The little cage with the blue igloo is the home of one of my guineapigs "Patch".
Now we com to the title of my blog! This time last year, all I wanted was to lose weight and ditch the braces. The braces came off just before I found I had breast cancer so I have had to delay plans for caps and veneers. This year I still want to lose weight but more than that, I want my hair back! Look at me in this pretty summer dress (Joe Browns - love their clothes) and I look hideous cos I haven't got any hair!
Yuk! Fat face and bald! Not a good look. At least my teeth are straight!
This is just to show you that my hair is starting to grow back along with my eyebrows and eye lashes. It feels like baby hair with the odd bit of sandpaper feel where the follicals are bursting through.

Looks like one of my Christmas wishes will come true, I will have to work hard on the other one!


  1. I'm sorry but you look fantastic...that smile lights up your whole face and the bald thing is just sort of a Sinead O'Conner look, as though you did it on purpose!

    When I took meditation classes ther ewas one meditation where we had to stip "ourselves" of everything to get to the "essential self" and a lot of people, particularly the women had a hard time with the've done it for real and when I look at your eyes I see your essential self as hopeful and alive and full of joy and that self will win this battle!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I love the title of your post -- it so made me laugh!!

    And how delightful to end your evening as you did...romantic and relaxing. Glad you had a good sleep!!

    Now, I agree with Breeze look fantastic. Your smile is still as bright as ever and you look beautiful. Every feature on your face stands out and it's the one time in our lives we get to see just "who" we really are.

    Your dress is also beautiful. Keep smiling!!

  3. You look gorgeous! What are you on about, woman? You have a lovely shaped head! In no time you will have a full head of hair again, and you will still be gorgeous!

    And yes, your dress is VERY nice!

  4. Honey you are GORGEOUS..the sweetest smile..and your hair will grow back fast. Once it's starts, away it goes..
    so keep smiling..pamper your baby fuzz and keep wearing the CUTEST dresses..I do love it.
    I'm going to the web site to see if I can get a cute dress.

    Praying for you..I wanted to lose weight too..but hair was the shizzle for me..gotta have it.


  5. Sara, you look beautiful. Your smile and your eyes sparkle and says it all.
    Just have some patience and the hair will come back, believe me and soon you will find people rubbing your head with that baby fine hair,lol.

  6. Hi Sarah - thank you for your kind comment today - I apologise for the undue delay in visiting - need to 'clone' myself.
    I think you are a very couragious lady, just like my wife. Yes, she too has breast cancer! She had a right mastectomy twelve years ago with the removal of nine cancerous lymph nodes. The cancer was quite aggressive so she had chemotherapy followed with a course of radiotherapy. She took Tamoxifen for 5 years and was discharged after 8 years.
    Unfortunately she developed lymphodaema and secondary breasr cancer to her bones (rib, pelvis, neck. She is back on Tamoxifen and that seems to be doing a very good holding operation. Fingers crossed and prayers to God of course. I recently met Renee who is in a similar situation. God bless and I will pray ~ Eddie

  7. Sara, the first thing I noticed about you was your lovely smile.... Fat & bald sounds like a little old man not your beautiful face.
    Hair is good, ot will come back but for now think of the savings on hair products.

    Oh yes the dress is cute, but it's you who makes it that way...

  8. Oh, Sarah, I know. My hair is now about an inch long, and when I am hot, it curls up in spiky little curls. I am glad for the hair I've got, believe me, but still, I want hair, I want hair that I can style, and hair that I can feel attractive in...somedays, I want hair so badly that there are tears.

  9. You do look fabulous, Sara, but I too know what it is to REALLY want some hair. Although we can rationalise the loss of it, embrace it, explore it....I never stopped wanting it back.

  10. In that picture ... you are beaming with beauty ... the hair will come, the weight will go ... just celebrate life ... you deserve it!


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