Sunday, 19 July 2009

I am Glad I Went for a Walk in the Rain

I have been really tired all day. Jason has taken the boys to the cinema to see Harry Potter so peace reigns in our home for a while. I decided to go to bed for an hour with my dogs and when I woke I thought it would be nice to take the dogs for a walk, in the rain. So on went my pink, flowery wellies.....
Despite the rain, it was quite warm, I took my time so that I didn't over heat too much in my rain coat. We walked over the golf course and to the woods. This is Wilbur and Pickles enjoying the walk. I was secretly hoping that the course would be flooded so that I could "fill my boots" and enjoy more of the countryside but alas, twas not to be...

This is one of the dogs special "stop offs" in the woods. A natural dog bowl filled with water. Nice and full today because of the rain.

Thistles growing at the side of the brook. You can't see the brook because it is overgrown but it is home to toads and frogs. I have found that since I started my war with cancer I appreciate the little things in life now; the thistles, lichen on the trees, grass blowing in the breeze.....

I loved walking through the woods listening to the rain bounce off the trees, the damp smell of earth and fallen leaves. I looked up and liked the shape of the branch on this tree, a little like a shepherds crook. It is amazing to think that by the time my war with cancer concludes, I will have experienced the war fare in each season of the year.

In this photo you can see my favourite tree, the one with the three prongs, big, thick, tall and strong. It will be here a long time after I am gone.
I took my camara with me because I have joined the "Friday Photo Shoot" and I wanted to catch some pictures if I could. I am glad I have done this because it gives me the opportunity to capture precious memories.
So here I am now, uploading these pictures, waiting for my boys to come home. Peace will be shattered and so am I but I am so glad that I went for a walk in the rain.


  1. sweet post..and I love that photo of your dogs in the field. So cute.

  2. Sara, your pictures are fantastic! I am so happy that you have joined the shoot out gang, and I am looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes.

    Also happy that you got out for a walk in the rain. I find that so comforting - I love walking in the rain!

  3. The pictures are really good ... I love a rainy day.

  4. This post is my idea of heaven... Been alone in the rain with my dogs.. you described the sights and smells so well, i was there too!

    I keep my camera in my pocket, just incase.. drives my other half mad hehehe xx

  5. well, i'm glad that you did too!

    ah..i love the rain.. everything feels so clean after that. like hope renewed.


  6. What an excellent way to spend your alone time...your pink wellies are divine and you managed some time alone in nature, time for the dogs to play...what could be better? Your spirit is amazingly be out in the rain and enjoying yourself...nothing will hold you back!


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