Monday, 13 July 2009

Red Toes

This is my hair a week on and it is growing. I actually felt the breeze blowing through it yesterday. Can you see my eyebrows as well and my eye lashes? I am so happy. This part of breast cancer has been the hardest to deal with.
My mother in law brought me some lovely, thoughtful gifts at the weekend to cheer me up. A Take That CD because I missed the show in London and a makeup bag containing some Revlon red nail polish and matching lipstick. Margaret; I promised I would post a picture of my new toes and here they are.
Thank you and thank you to all who continue to send me positive messages. A facebook friend lit a candle for me today in Truro Cathedral. All of these gestures mean the world to me and I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.


  1. You deserve all these gifts Sara, because you are such a wonderful, thoughtful and kind person! You keep telling us about karma, and it is now being repaid to you for all the good things you have done for others, we reap what we sow! Sharon xxx

  2. Nice Do! It won't take's amazing how quickly it seems to grow when it's that short! You'll have a chic new style before you know and I do see eyebrows!

    I'm happy people are so kind to you! YOu share so much of yourself and you seem so strong and I think you must have an excellent support system around you because you can't give what you don't give


  3. Girl you are always so inspiring ... you deserve all the goodness you get.

    Sure love those polished toe nails ... they look marvelous.

  4. Hi Sara - nice toes!! My head is smooth, nothing growing back at all, but I'm okay with it (for now). I'd take the bald head over the nausea and fatigue any day... You are looking great! Enjoy the day!

  5. Love the toes! And the hair! Sara, you have such a fantastic attitude - great outlook. On the weekend, I attended a wedding. At the wedding was a cancer researcher. He and I got into a discussion (of course!) and he talked about what the oncologists WON'T talk about - he discussed how important it is to maintain a positive attitude with this disease. Painting your toes red - now THAT is a positive and cheery attitude! Good on ya!

  6. Now sweet friend, your hair may grow back different, get ready.


  7. Yay for your new hair. It looks like close to your same color. Do you think so?? Mine is comin in in a little patch and it is that color, but I was a redhead all of my life. Don't know if it changes color or not. Can't wait to see how yours grows out.


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