Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Garden Furniture

Well, this week hasn't been particularly good for me. Post Chemo 1 and I have been a physical and emotional wreck then once I managed to get my act together it started to rain and I have had yet more chemo. Excuses to one side, I decided to look through my archives and decided to share some "odd" types of Garden Furniture!

The above picture is of the grave of Greyfriars Bobby located in Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh. It is the story of a brave little dog who refused to leave his masters grave until the day he died himself. He was awarded the freedom of the city.
This is the grave of the master John Grey, who Bobby guarded until the end of his days.

The little bronze statue to mark the spot where Bobby used to patrol, leaving his grave side vigil to visit his designated food and shelter stops, always returning to John Greys grave before the Kirkyard gates were locked for the night.

This is was taken in the gardens of Erddig Hall in Wrexham where I live. Indeed, before it was open to the public and when the old Squire was alive, I used to ride horses there. Now, we visit it regularly as a family and although it is wonderful to see the Hall, estates and gardens restored to their former beauty, I feel a saddness that this was once a family home and that part is over.....(you can just see my boys running towards me in the distance!)

This is the tent erected in our garden just over a week ago..... I suppose you could call it "temporary" garden furniture!

The tea lights are hanging around our patio area, and this particular one is at the base of our pagola which is splendid at the moment. As I step out of the doors I can smell the perfume of honeysuckle and Jasmine..... devine.

My favourite piece of garden furniture..... my chiminea!!!!!! Not only does it offer warmth on summer nights when the sun is down, it gives a cosy glow and the smell of burning logs. The other day, we chopped our Eucalyptus tree back and burned the leaves, the smell was devine.

And now, I apologise for the poor quality of my photos. I am not a photographer and my camara is an old Olympus point and shoot. So please be patient with me....


  1. I also love the smell of honeysuckle and Jasmine. thanks for sharing and hope your feeling better soon. a bit of sun always helps doesn't it.

  2. Welcome to out Shoot Out Sara! I am thrilled that you have joined! Your entries are incredible. I remember reading the story of Greyfriars Bobby many years ago. Quite a remarkable story. And I love the chiminea as well. Great job - I look forward to seeing your "reflections" next week.

  3. No need to be patient...loved the pictures. Great to see your approach.

  4. Your photos are wonderful!! So glad to see you in the shoot out too!!! I loved your choices!! Hope you are feeling better soon hon!! Hugs, Sarah

  5. Brilliant pictures Sarah, they are not amateur at all! It is good to see you are still being you - an absolute star! No matter what life throws at you, you are giving it your all! Sharon xxx

  6. Your photos are just fine, and right on target for the whole idea: seeing each other's community. I love the Greyfriars Bobby story (always a sucker for dogs). Thanks for sharing, and I hope you are feeling better!

  7. welcome to our group! Thanks for sharing your community and the story of the pup with us.

  8. I can't see anything wrong with the photos ... in fact I think they are pretty good.

  9. You are all so kind. I really loved my visit to Edinburgh it was like a fairy tale because I loved Greyfriars Bobby all my life x


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