Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What A Great Day!

Considering it is the day before more chemo, I am in really good spirits!

(Above is a picture of HM Queen Elizabeth II taken when she visited Wrexham a few years back, I actually got to talk to Prince Philip).

I took my brother and his dog to the vets and the prognosis is good, I then went to the Shooting Star Unit for my pre-chemo bloods and decided to pop in on Pam in the MacMillan/Shooting Star Cancer Support Centre which only opened 4 months ago.

Last night I met up with the ladies from the Breast Cancer Support Group at the Golden Lion, Rossett and we had a lovely evening which is where I met Pam who runs the centre. I had a lovely meal: Chicken, Chorizo and new potatoe salad followed by an Eton Mess which is my all time favourite dessert!

Above: Mike Peters of The Alarm during the Queens Visit to Wrexham

Pam showed me the special room for patients should they need some alone time which was pleasantly furnished and behind some wardrobe doors there was a wash basin for you to freshen up if you have been a little upset. I could have done with that room when I had my diagnosis!

I then spent a pleasant afternoon with my friends drinking copius amounts of tea and putting the world to rights then home to catch up on some jobs and prepare for the on slaught of tomorrow.

Kids are going to the end of term school disco tonight and luckily Jason is going to take them so that I dont have to mix with germs!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day Sara. Good luck tomorrow with your chemo so get lots of rest tonight.

  2. Good days are always good :) Good luck tomorrow.

  3. I hope it is going okay today.

    Now just remember hopefully this chemo is killing those cancer cells and banishing them away forever.

    You can do this and just keep breathing.

    When in hell march straight through. - Churchill

    Love Renee xoxo


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