Saturday, 25 July 2009

Books, Reading and Amazon Vine

I am lucky to be part of the Amazon Vine programme. Each month, I am emailed a newsletter and I am able to select two books from it. They are sent to me free of charge, some are uncorrected proofs and others are published, all I have to do is read them and create a review.

Since I began my fight against Breast Cancer, I have taken refuge in my books and reading so the Amazon Vine programme has been a life saver for me.

I enjoy reading very much and the programme enables me to read books I would not normally have chosen. I have read young adult fiction, childrens books, poetry and fiction. I noticed the book shelf option on one of my friends blogs and I thought "what a wonderful way to share my experience and passion". So, the gadget has been added!

The only book I would really recommend to all those fighting cancer is by Debora Hutton and is called "What Can I Do to Help?". It is written by a person who is terminal and is packed full of wonderful and very useful ideas for those caring for loved ones with cancer. Contributions have been made by Sir Elton John, Ruby Wax, Hugh Grant to name but a few.... I bought the book myself, and loaned it to family and friends with great results.
I have made my own notes on the book. Here are some of the gifts I have found useful;
Eye drops - soothing for chemo eyes
Fruit smoothies - great for when you really dont want to eat
Diet Ginger Beer - satisfies the thirst and settles the tummy
Luxury face & eye cream - for that chemo skin
Talc - really nice ones, I found this useful when I lost my body hair
Scarves - a necessity when you lose your hair
Warm and soft socks - for cold chemo feet
Fleece blankets - to combat that chemo cold
Pretty PJ's - helps lift your spirits when you feel rubbish
Boiled sweets - to suck when your mouth is dry and has a horrible taste
Bone China Mug - to really enjoy your cups of tea
Smoothie Maker - so that you can make your own smoothies when you dont feel like eating
Relaxing CDs - self explanitory really
Soups - great for slurping when you dont fancy food
Pretty jewellry, makeup and nail polish - all helps to make you feel nice
Here's my list of things people have done to help me;
Collecting kids from school
A cup of tea in bed
Prayers - lots of them
Messages of support and kind words
Friday Shoot Out
Face book
Somebody to do the ironing
Somebody to make meals
Help with my animals


  1. Reading is such a wonderful escape. But at the same time it can be filled with knowledge and reflection. It can provide humour or a release of emotion. I don't know where I'd be without reading.

    I love your made me smile. ♥

  2. Hi Sara
    Thank you for your continued support. I will write my ex-friend a letter as I am completely clueless to what happened.
    Anyway, a s'more is a classic girl scout camping treat. You roast marshmallows, then squish them and a piece of chocolate between graham crackers. The hot marshmallow melts the chocolate and you have a very gooey treat. Kids love them. I was a girl scout leader for 6 years for Shanna's troop and we camped alot.

    I love reading too. I will check out some of your reads.

  3. What a great list ... I`m borrowing some of the ideas.


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