Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Isn't Life Exciting?

Above: Joe and Harry at Rossett Senotaph, Christ Church Rossett. Joe must have been aged 5 and Harry aged 2 1/2 - we used to have such fun and we will again!
Alot of things are changing in my life.

I say "annus oriblus" (did I spell that correctly) to 2009 - I will glad to see its end because it is a year that has seen my life turned upside down.

I started off the year with a successful Mobile Dog Grooming business, almost completed training for my first 10K race, aspirations to run a half marathon towards the end of the year and hoping to get down to my old weight following a blip with my health...... Mr Cochranes words ring true in my head over and over and over "I have just about ruined this year for you but the next 40 are going to be great..."

Already I am starting to get excited about getting my life back. Let me share with you what I am planning to do once my treatment is over:

1. Lose the weight I wanted to lose this year

2. Train from scratch to run my first 10K

3. Book a holiday to a foreign resort, take my children abroad for the first time

4. Train in REIKI so that I can use this on my dogs and customers

5. Thinking about doing a writing course and putting my life down on paper for my children

6. Looking forward to swimming again.... I have really missed swimming and running

7. So excited about re-vamping our bedroom - we ordered the fitted wardrobes today!

8. PARTY! I really want a party to celebrate life (anyone want to come?)

9. I want to go on an all day pony trek, have seen a place in Snowdonia which appeals

10. GATHERING - I am looking forward to this event in January

11. I am looking forward to the Christmas party with some really great friends

12. Race for Life 2010

13. Climb mount Snowdon again (possibly with Mike Peters) for Snowdon Rocks 4??????

14. Do a half marathon in aid of cancer research and certainly the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation

If I have any more ideas I will let you know!

I am just looking forward to getting my life back.

I have decided not to rush back into work. I will groom the customers dogs who have stuck by me through this battle and am considering a re-launch of an establishment. Lugging heavy equipment around is hard and will be even harder now that my right side is effected, I have to be kind to my body because it has been through so much and has been so good to me.

I am looking forward to finding my spirituality again. I want to open my mind and soul, surround myself in positive energy and help others. So I won't be rushing back to work. I want to enjoy my life, my children and I want to get my fitness levels back up to what they were and more....


  1. Enjoy every single moment Sara, live life to it's fullest! :-)

  2. Good for you!! Love the list, if I was to do one I think it would be very similar. I should probably think about joining a training group too since it will be hard to build up that endurance again.

    For #5, did you know that there is a way to print your whole blog into a book type format? I am planning to look into that when this year is done, as something to print and save.

    Keep up posted on the party plans, I do have to leave North America and see more of the world one day!

  3. Love to come to that party especially with those beautiful shots of Wales I keep seeing on your blog!
    As for running, if I could do it, you can do. I started very slowly: run 2 minutes; walk 5 minutes. Repeat ten times. Now I can run an hour without stopping. Even if I do nothing else in a day, I feel I accomplished something by running and it feels so good when I stop.

  4. You have a plan. You are looking beyond "now" into what it is you want to achieve and accomplish. All good, all healthy. Life has it's own plan waiting for us...sometimes we need to be steered into the right path to "get it". Keep thinking, planning and dreaming...and the party? I'd love to be there...if I'm not there in person, you know I'll be there in spirit! ♥

  5. I think that is an amazing list and I look forward to watching you complete it.

    I know you will do it.

  6. Oh Sara, what an inspirational post! You are amazing. I love that you have created a "to-do" list full of wonderful adventures, and that you continue to look at cancer as a blip on your radar. I truly believe that we can accomplish whatever we wish to accomplish,and you are living proof of that. Sign me up for the party - I am there!


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