Thursday, 9 July 2009

Chemo Done for This Week Yipee!!!

Unusual for me but this is a short posting to say that my chemo is done for this week and I am even more excited than before. I am running down that hill at such a fast pace that I think I may hit radiotherapy with a big SPLAT!!!

Wonderful, gentle, never bruises me Natalie did my treatment today and the ward was full of ladies, all smiling and chatting - oh what a difference it makes to your treatment when you are surrounded by such positivity!

Lunch at "The Stables" in the Plassey which was lovely. Earl Grey tea with a slice of lemon, ham and pickle toastie with salad and home made coleslaw. This is a ritual now, having lunch after chemo, its sort of like the last supper because I know I won't be tolerating food so well for a few days.

Effects of chemo have started. Spent a couple of hours asleep, I think its because I relax once the ordeal is over. My legs and arms have started to have that weak feeling, my head is buzzing and my eyes are having trouble keeping open.

BUT!!! HAPPY DAYS!!!!!! once next week is over just two more months! Hurray!!


  1. Well aren't you just the happy bunny today?? :) Sounds wonderful...and having lunch after chemo? A must. It's important to treat yourself after the time in the chair. Not just because food won't be appealing in a few days, but because it's important to your psyche and well being.

    I recall the drowsy feeling so well..for me it always started in the chair from the benadryl they give at the beginning and then I'd go home and curl up for a snooze. The good with the good (the chemo is good, I always say, no matter it's toxic, it's doing some good!!!). ♥

  2. Glad you got through another one with such positivity! Now just the side effects... I've also tried going for lunch after chemo but it doesn't work for me - whatever I eat gets blacklisted in my brain because the feeling of nausea hits soon after. I did use it to my advantage once by going for a fat boy and chili fries, and I will never crave that again!!

    Take care of yourself!

  3. I love your "last supper" idea.. what fun!

    I'm so pleased alls going well for you.. wait til your final chemo when your jogging round the ward haha xx

  4. Well done Sara, you are such a star, if the doctors and nurses could bottle your positivity and enthusiasm, it would make their job so much easier, but more importantly, it would help so many people who are struggling with their treatment! Keep up the good work! Sharon xxx

  5. Such a positive post. And I just love reading your words because I feel as though I can hear your beautiful British accent, which I love to hear. I also sleep with the benadryl and then get wired from the steroids. But it sure makes the good days look better. Rest up:)

  6. Sara you are a star ... I can feel your positive energy all the way here.


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