Friday, 10 July 2009

Steroids and Placebos

I managed to get about 2 hours sleep last night. Lay in bed for a while then was joined by H-Bomb who was still upset about his upset before bed and needed a cuddle. Cuddles were duly given and once he was in a slumber, I got up and read for a few hours. Morning came just as I had slipped into a deep sleep and it was time to make school sandwiches and pack bags.

I did try to sleep again but these steroids seem to be glued to my system so I have just pushed on. The sun is shining and it was too nice to waste in frustration. Jason and I took the dogs for a walk and that was really enjoyable. I played with my lovely neighbour Oliver, met his baby tortoise "Gilbert" and helped to de-matt their cat "Moomin" with my professional clippers newly purchased before my cancer diagnosis!

Last night, Harry was in tears before bed time. He found me lieing in bed and asked for a cuddle. He then asked me for a back tickle but I told him that my arms and legs were weak at the moment and my tummy hurt. After about 10 minutes he burst into tears (however, he was peeping behind his fingers) and proceeded to tell me that he always felt sick before and after food ever since he was sick in school just before Christmas. I did get his tummy checked out but he was ok.

Being autistic and having sensory issues, I cannot rule out the fact that he does experience sensations which are more severe than "normals". For example, socks and pants have to be purchased regularly because once they lose their softness they are too harsh for his skin. Socks have to be worn inside out because the seams inside irritate. I am fed up with buying clothes that never get worn because they are tight or rub. It is a sensory issue.

Harry and I are tuned into each other. As a baby, he would never sleep and I existed for 3 years with no sleep with him. As a result I was depressed and stressed and he picked up on that. He would never sleep for me but put him in the arms of someone else and he was off like a light. He plays up and his melt downs are more frequent when their are changes in routine such as the end of a school year, Christmas and the start of a new year. He had similar situations before my operation and before my first round of chemo....

This leads me to think that maybe, Harry is having "sympathy" pains, I know my mum has told me that she has. It is funny that he picked up on my poorly tummy which is what I mainly suffer with through chemo. So.... the old tried and tested method of placebos! I will purchase a bottle of vitamin syrup from the pharmacy, ask Glenn to put it in some prescription bags then I will tell him that the doctor has prescribed it for him. It worked just after Christmas and it will possibly work again.

However, I will be booking a doctors appointment for him just to rule out any possible underlying causes but I am positive my placebo will work!


  1. Dear Sara, you never cease to amaze me at how you look at life, and all that is has dealt you, and see everything in such a positive way! You really are an inspiration, if only more people in this world were like you, what a great place it would be! Sharon xxx

  2. Hi Sara - that's a really good idea for Harry - sometimes they just want to make sure we are taking them seriously... Glad to hear you are out walking and visiting, it makes the time pass quicker until you feel better.

  3. Sweetie..I could never sleep with those steroids either. Is it possible to take a sleeping pill?? I take ONE Advil PM if I've had trouble sleeping..take it around the kids bedtime.

    I was taking Ambien..but that is too much for me.
    fondly, Deena

  4. Totally know about the steroids ...

    Great idea with the placebo ... it must be so hard for the little guy.


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