Tuesday, 14 July 2009

When Did all the Fun Stop?

I bought a new scanner the other day and set about the task of scanning my old photos and getting them ready to be archived to disk. The first box is HUGE! Mainly photos from when the boys were babies up until a couple of years ago when I got my digital camara. I have a suitcase in the loft full of older photos again! Last night, I couldn't sleep so I was up at 4am sorting out the photos into categories and scanning some. This photo is of me with my first dog Bobbi on "Red Nose Day" an annual fun raising event here in the UK when millions of pounds is raised through comedy and fun for charities.
We enjoyed lots of family days out. Mainly to National Trust properties in our areas because they are pleasant with safe grounds and gardens in which the children can play. The photo above is of Joseff aged 6 holding his Tamagotchi (a craze at the time) and he is standing in the outside garden house within the grounds of Chirk Castle.

This event also took place at Chirk Castle and the children are in the courtyard in this picture. It was a Knights and Princesses competition and the boys looked lovely in their outfits with their capes sporting their "flag". Joseff is facing us and Harry is wearing the yellow cape.

This was the birthday cake I made for Joseff's 5th birthday. The grass is made from rolled out icing and painted with green food colouring. I used swiss rolls for the turrets and covered the cake in chocolate frosting with chocolate chunks for the detail. I remember how much work I put into that cake and it was worth it because the children loved it! However, I had tonsilitus at the time and struggled to pull this party off which is why I remember the cake so well!

This is my mum and one of her dogs Fudge in "Nains Tree" in Erddig Park. Our plan was to visit this tree every year and photograph the hole as the fugus made it larger and larger. However, this was not meant to be because shortly after this photo was taken, the tree was burned down. My mum didnt live far from Erddig and we always call it "Nains River" or "Nains Woods". Over the years we have had many picnics and games there. I distinctly remember 9/11 because we were off on an adventure to Erddig when my brother told us of a bombing. We didnt stop to find out because we are kind of used to bombs in the UK with the IRA and spent a great day down by the river. Harry was 4 months old and Joe was almost 3 years at the time. Imagine how awful we felt when we returned to find out just how bad the devastation was!
Looking at these photos and remembering all of the fun we used to have made me think.... "when DID all the fun stop?"....... Life took over, thats what. The boys started playgroup, nursery, school. My business took off and life ran away with us...... THAT is one thing cancer has given me, and that is FUN. I am going to get the fun back in my life... I promise you that and I will be blogging about it for years to come. Children grow up too fast and fun has got to be had now.


  1. Sara you are so beautiful and your I love your little boys names. Did I tell you I have a brother named Joseph and my father and another brother and nephew are named Harry.

    You will have fun again. You will fun and have years to tell all of the tales.

    Love to you.

    Renee xoxo

  2. You are a very wise mum. I came to the same realization about midway through chemo, that I had become so intent on slogging through, day by day, that my life was no longer joyous and spontaneous. And Sarah? It does come back.

  3. Thank you both for your words. Joe is named after my Great Uncle Joe who I never knew but he was full of fun and loved very much so I felt as though I knew him through all of the stories. Harry, well, I wanted to call him Elis but my hubby didnt like it so we asked Joe which name he liked Elis or Harry and he chose Harry!!! His second name is Llewelyn after my little brother and also the last welsh prince of Wales xx

  4. Fun does come back :) It's hard to think about it while you're going through chemo but now that it's over, it is coming back. Phew! Love the cake. I always make special cakes for my boys birthdays every year. They're so fun to make and so fun to see all the little faces looking at the cakes.

  5. I'm all for putting as much fun as possible back into life. And looking at old photos can sure be an inspiration for doing that!


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