Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Food Outside

This was a challenging topic for me, living in Wet & Wild Wales! Food outside? Not really! Anyway, it forced me to go out and about and see the world around me in a different light. Thoroughly enjoyed myself! This shot is of a wild blackberry bush in Erddig. There is the first ripend one too, can you spot it?
This is a corn field again at Erddig

My town of Wrexham is a market town and has been for centuries. The beast market was closed around 20 years ago and the site of the old markets has been built on. The original location was also the place where public executions took place. Famously the martyr Richard Gwyn who was matyred for his Catholic faith during the reformation. The van above is selling meat.

The new location of the market is Queens Square. This lady is selling welsh cakes, scones and breads.

Shoppers enjoy a cup of tea and maybe a hot dog at the market.
This man was selling all sorts of fresh food

Fruit and Veg stall at the market. Can you see the man on the elevated chair in the background? He shouts out the fruit he has for sale and the prices, really reall fast and loud!

This is a green grocers shop in Wrexham town

Fig tree and herbs growing in Erddig Hall

Apples and bees in Erddig Hall kitchen gardens

Figs, not yet ripe at Erddig Hall

This is my front door and can you see the Hedgehog food and water left for my nocturnal visitors?

My hanging basket of cherry tomatoes

The orchard at Speke Hall, Liverpool

A bee collecting nectar from flowers at Speke Hall, Liverpool


  1. Hi Sara
    Love your pictures. I feel I have my own travel guide to Northern Wales. We can't grow figs in the Midwest but where I was in Italy, the figs were ripe at this time of year. Our wild blackberries aren't as big (though those you pictured look like what's in Seattle) I think what I have growing are wild black raspberries-very tiny fruit. I love the name "beast Market". I suppose here it would be 'livestock'. Thanks again.

  2. Great shoot-out! Are you feeling any better today Sara? ((hugs))

  3. Hello ....nice to meet you in the shoot-out!

    I never heard of anyone feeding a hedgehog before!

  4. feeding a hedge hog... It never occured to me to put honey as an outdoor food but of course it is. once again I ejoyed your comments as much as your photos


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