Saturday, 18 July 2009

My poor arm :0(

The bruising from the bad canula experience has come out today. The camara doesn't pick it up very well, but this is the underside of my wrist. It is quite swollen as well.
You can't quite see the bruising on the surface either but its there along with the puncture wounds. They can't use the vein next to my little finger because it is too badly scarred after the second lot of Epi-Ruebison (I can never spell that!). They used a surface vein in the end which wasn't too nice because I could really feel the chemo going in. Apparently I have small veins because I am a small person! Not good news when you face four more rounds of canulised chemo and a year of herceptin via a canula.

However, it is not all gloom and doom!!!!!

Here is what I am going to do to overcome this problem;
* increase massage to the arm both in the shower and applying cream
* massage to the arm during the day while I remember!
* make fists regularly throughout the day
* get some arnica tablets to help with bruising
AND: as you can see by my hair picture - my hair is growing!


  1. Ahh, you poor thing, I can't believe you're not having a port. Is that something they don't do? A year of herceptin is a long time for your poor veins :( BUT.... Happy Hair :) It's growing :)

  2. Hi Sara - have you asked them about having a permanent line, surely they can do something so you don't have to go through this agony every time! You poor thing! Thinking of you! Sharon xxx

  3. I agree with your other two commenters..if they are having trouble with the veins, a permanent line..a PICC or a port-a-cath is the answer. You have too many treatments left to go for you to have to suffer like this. Chemo treatments are enough, no sense adding insult to injury. Tell your doctor that you want one implanted. On the happy news front...hooray for the hair!!

  4. Your hair is coming in beautifully! Love it.

    Oh my...I hate the stuff with the veins. With me, the problem is that my veins are too "round" so they roll when the nurse attempts to insert the needle. I feel so bad for you, because I know exactly what you are going through. I think the idea of exercising the arm is brilliant. Hopefully that will help to pump the veins up a bit, making the insertion easier. Hang in there dear Sara - it will all be worth it in the end ;)

  5. Hi Sara Ouch! Your arm looks painful.
    It's been 18 weeks since my last chemo and I still have a large painful lump on my wrist from the Taxol. I didn't get a port because I had 'good' veins but after 8 stabs on the same side, they wore out.
    I'm jealous that you are getting hair so soon. It took 2 months before mine started growing and it grows lowly now. I haven't worn a wig in more than a week.

  6. Oh my that looks awful ... I know it is real sore too.

    Why no port or PICC line?

  7. Ouch! That sure looks painful! I'm glad your hair is growing - that's great :-)

  8. Yow! I can feel the pain again of the canular in me!!

    As the others have said, ask for a line.. I only had 6 sessions of chemo and each time, my veins hid!

    Your hair looks good, now its started to grow you'll have all kinds of weird and wonderful styles to try xx

  9. Sue/Italia - I started to take Sea Kelp because it is supposed to help with hair and nail growth. You had the worst chemo though so dont compare! My oncologist said that if my cancer had spread to the nodes I would have been on FEC then Taxotere but because it hadnt I was on Epi then CMF. With CMF your hair does grow whilst having it but should speed up once I am off it.

  10. It amazes me how quickly your hair does grow back once it starts coming in. Last Saturday, I had my first hair cut, to shape it and minimize the tufty head situation. Hope you find it the same.


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