Saturday, 26 September 2009

Kilimanjaro Rocks!

For some reason, my link to the Love Hope Strength Foundation isn't working, but if you just search with the name Love Hope Strength, you should be able to locate both the UK and American sites

Right you lot! I know I bang on about Mike Peters and the Love Hope Strength Foundation but he and his team are on their way to Kilimanjaro as we speak to raise global awareness of cancer and to raise money so that everyone in the world has access to cancer care and detection.

You can send Mike and his crew messages of support as he and his team climb and the link is Remember that Mike himself is a cancer fighter with a form of leukemia for which there is no cure but gladly he is in remission right now.

On 2nd October it will be LIVESTRONG DAY, to show your support visit and consider wearing yellow on that day (I wonder if I can get my hands on some yellow nail polish?)

The Love Hope Strength Foundation will be meeting UICC and working with them to provide support for a unit for a childhood cancer unit in Tanzania.

6th October marks the day they are to have climbed 19,336 feet to the top where they will release thousands of prayer flags (my name is on one) and sing (if they have the energy, pray that they do!). I think it will be the highest and most amazing rock gig of all time.

Please show them your support, they are an amazing team of REAL people and they are doing an awesome job. (also an American section too)


  1. There IS yellow nailpolish! Rimmel probably has some...I know I had some last summer!!!

    Thanks for sharing the links...I shall check them out.

    One of my son's friends and two other girls are part of a group called Girl Power (it's international) that left yesterday for Kilimanjaro -- to climb. Quite awesome for 17 year old girls I'd say!! I'm wondering if it's the same project that Mike Peters is involved with!!

  2. Next Friday at our Y, we are having a LiveStrong breakfast with past participants and new participants. We were told to wear yellow. Hadn't thought about wearing yellow nail polish. I should get a LiveStrong yellow jersey to bike in.

  3. I like the idea of the yellow nail polish ... very cool.

  4. Hi Sara,

    Just checking in to see how you're doing. Love the pictures! You're beautiful, and so is your family! Enjoy your day!


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