Friday, 15 May 2009

Session 3/12: "Life is here and I am free..."

A line from a Mike Peters song, Regeneration which he wrote when he beat leukemia the first time. I can't wait to be able to sing that with real conviction. When I saw him at the Gathering all those years ago in his combat fatigues, sharing his great news with us, I didn't think that I would be a member of the same club as him, a privelage I don't really want.... sorry Mike!

I am feeling like myself this week which is great. We are having friends over tonight, Jason is cooking a chilli and we have wine! I have compiled a play list but I just know it won't be played because it turned out to be punk, songs from my youth! I am currently taking a trip down memory lane. I managed to power walk today, another 2 miles which is great and I didnt feel the need for a rest afterwards!

I met my friends for coffee yesterday morning which was great then had lunch out with Jason at the Alyn Pub so I didnt "power walk", I gave myself a day off.

Raining and miserable today which always makes me feel sad. However, we will get the chiminea on and the candles burning and we will have fun. I am making the most of this week because my next session of chemo is on Thursday and I don't know how quickly I will recover.

By the way, I am NOT going to fall asleep at 9pm tonight!


  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful evening planned, and you've been making the most of your "good" days. That's the spirit Sara!

    And yes, being part of this "club" is not necessarily something we are thrilled about, but I do believe when you are past a few milestones, you will look at this and think, "hey, look at me, look what I did" and there is a sense of "pride" involved. Never mind all the wonderful and interesting people you meet along the way and will always be able to connect with.

    I look forward to singing with you "Life is here and I am free"!!! ♥

  2. What a fun night you have planned! I am so happy for you. And I have to tell you - I am in awe of you for all of your power walking! I was very Scarlett O'Hare'ish and took to my bed while in treatment! I admire you!

  3. Hi Sara, sounds great - you are enjoying your time. That's the silver lining right now is taking the time to spend quality time with special people. I hope you can stay up past 9, especially if you have some wine!! Have fun!

  4. Have a great evening Sara, you deserve it! Will wait to hear how it went when I check your blog tomorrow, or Sunday! Enjoy your chilli and wine!! love Sharon xxx


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