Monday, 4 May 2009

Session 3/12: What a Party!

The one good thing about going through chemo, is that I am allowed to fall asleep at parties, be a "light weight" or just sit and watch! Last night, we had a fab BBQ with friends, then neighbours joined in and we ended up with such a laugh. My neighbours brought around a selection of head gear which included a blonde wig, a Cruelly DeVille wig, a cowboy hat and a santa hat! All being worn in support of moi!!

However, I got to 9pm and flaked out in bed! I even went to bed before the kids!

Saw the photos this morning and I didn't like what I saw! Me, bandana, dressing gown over my clothes, hogging the fire! I looked poorly without being poorly if you know what I mean. I will look back on those photos and think of this time in my life.

Took the dogs to the woods this morning, such a beautiful place in the spring rain. The Bluebells were out along with the wild garlic and it was such a magical, spiritual sight. I touched the catkins on the trees, wondering at the cotton and feeling the texture. Each day is splendid and each day is special for the little things.

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  1. Your neighbors sound great! Oh. And I'm glad that you're a 'noticer' too.


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