Friday, 8 May 2009

Session 3/12: My Life Floats

Christ Church Rossett, where Harry was christened, where I was Sunday School teacher for 4 years and where my children go to explore with their Nana
Recently my posts have been negative and that is a reflection of "post chemo blues" I think. I have felt "battle weary" and fatigued with cancer.
I am now in a new phase and that is because of the kind words and support I have received from friends, but more importantly, my fellow members of the much unwanted Club Cancer.
My thoughts are with a poem about a man who was drowning but those at the shore line thought he was waving. I have felt like that man these last few days, but my friends and fellow members have acknowledged the fact that I wasnt waving and have thrown me their swimming floats to keep me above water. Right now, I am enjoying the feeling and bobbing along, making a slow but steady progress to the shore line.
Thank you to my life floats!

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  1. Oh my gosh Sara, what a wonderful way to describe this feeling.

    Sometimes when we are "drowning" we forget to wave and let others know that we are sinking...and I'm glad that you know that you are being heard.

    Negative posts? I don't see them that way at all. Cancer sucks. The treatment sucks. Even when we know in the bottom of our souls that the treatment is "good for us" and we pray that it is doing all it is meant to do, it drains us, it kills so much in us and we know that we will wait for the "good" things to grow again.

    You are talking about how you are feeling and there are days in the treatment cycle that are low (so low you wonder if you can even lift your head, never mind your thoughts)...and we need to hit that "bottom" so that we can rise up again to have those really good days. Your posts haven't been negative..they have been real and it's good to read how you are feeling, coping and thinking. ♥


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