Sunday, 10 May 2009

Session 3/12: Bald Outing

I did it!
You should have seen me this morning! It was so funny. I was totally fed up with stubble on my head so I got my remington bikini shaver and shaved my head until it was soft and smooth. As you can imagine, it took forever but I managed to do it before the battery needed recharging.
Now my bonce is shiny and smooth. I can moisturise it without it getting all clogged up.
The other thing I did was, I took the plunge and I went commando. I actually went shopping and I got so hot and bothered I took my scarf off. I felt a little self concious but I didn't get any weird stares or anything. A little girl aged about 7 looked at me intently then gave me the most beautiful smile.
I am so proud of myself.


  1. I'm proud of you too! We used to do a meditation where you bit by bit removed all the parts of us that wasn't us...a lot of people had trouble(women) when it got to the hair..very brave!


  2. Oh brava!! I used to keep my head shaved smooth too -- it just felt so much better! And I am totally in awe of you for going out in public commando!! I wish I had done that, but never worked up the nerve. Reading that a little girl of 7 looked at you and then smiled, just warmed my heart!! ♥

  3. Oh hon that is wonderful. Let fly girl!! Did it feel wonderful? Huge hugs, Sarah

  4. I am so proud of you! It feels so much better when you shave your head. You are really brave to go commando. It took me a long time before I felt comfortable doing that.

  5. Hi Sara, this is the first post I've read in a couple of days (chemo really wiped me out). It's so encouraging, thank you!! Beth.

  6. Sara, I wish I could be as brave as you ... I'm still wearing those silly wigs ... I so want to toss them now that summer is here.

    You're an inspiration ...

  7. I'm in awe...I still have not gotten the courage to do this.

  8. Awesome! You go girl! I am very proud of you, and you should be as well! Fantastic!

  9. Bravo Bravo..You rock .. I am just getting hair again..
    but the bald look..not so bad.. I actually think it's
    FUN..for a while..

    I hardly EVER wore my wig..I'd rather be bald than
    wear a wig.

    Smiles, Deena

  10. Well done! Once I started doing without a scarf or hat (once my hair had grown back to about a millimetre) I found that it feels really liberating. I realised too that other people interpret it really positively. When I told someone I was working with why my hair was the way it was she said, "Oh, I just thought you were really funky". Which is hilarious as I don't think I was even funky when I was 17!
    I do think that going around so short-haired is giving me real confidence of the kind that people who never lose their hair probably never get the chance to acquire - hair is great for hiding behind, both literally and metaphorically, after all.

  11. Well done Sara, you are a star, so proud of you and all that you have achieved! love and hugs Sharon xxxxx


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