Sunday, 10 May 2009

Session 3/12: I Love Life

Awful picture of me! I am wearing one of my Suburban Turbans

Jilly, one of my 8 guineapigs, she is a grey Rex

One of my dogs, Wilbur wearing his bandana so that he can be added to my Face Book group called The Bandana Brigade

I really do love life. People keep telling me how brave I am but I am not brave, I just love life, it is as simple as that! I love my dogs, my guineapigs, my rabbits, my husband, my children... everything.
There is so much I want to do, so many places to explore and people to meet.


  1. Happy Mothers Day Sara! I hope that you have a nice, relaxed, fun day, free of worry and stress!
    Lovely pics - I adore your pooch!

  2. Not an awful photograph at all...what you will find most interesting is looking back in time to these photographs and you will see yourself in such a different way ... you will see "you" as you never have before. That's a good thing!

    Loving life...that is really what it is all about. Loving what we may have at one time or another taken for granted because it was "there" and given it not a second thought.

    There is bravery in this journey Sara...we might not see it in it's "typical" definition but yes, bravery it is...the bravery to face each day, to greet it with joy, to say "see me, I'm here and I'm not going anywhere just yet thank you very much"...the bravery that being fully alive requires of us. Let your spirit feel that!! ♥

  3. Happy MOther's Day...if you love life..not much can be done about's hard to understand just "being" sometimes but if you are, you are.

    You look good in the suburban turban!


  4. I love pictures ... pets are the best.

    Hope you have a nice Mother's Day!


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