Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Session 3/12: Success!

This is an "arty" photo of me wearing my bandana and cowboy hat by my husband! He produced the photo for me to display on my group which is called "The Bandana Brigade" on Face Book, just a little bit of fun with friends!!!!

So today, I have been so tired, my body has felt like a lead weight, my veins still hurt and I now know what it feels like to be old! However, at least my heart burn has subsided and I have some relief and although I am craving fruit, I am frightened to eat any in case of a reaction.

Now, back to my title "SUCCESS". I did have success today with my one year old Miniature Schnauzer, Wilbur. He is a gangly, big hearted, silly boy with no co-ordination, life is one big party to him and everyone is his friend. When we go out for walks, he barks the neighbourhood down and NOTHING can calm him at all. Since my diagnosis I have been focusing on training him and going to classes. Today; one chunk of smelly blue cheese, and we made it to the woods without him being hysterical! Hurray! He walked to heel and after about 100 yards, that manic look in his eye was gone, he was no longer hysterical, he listened to me and when we got to the woods, he sat, waited for me to take off his headcollar and release him.

I felt amazing! I was so proud of him and so proud of me! There is light at the end of the tunnel. The woods in the rain were so much more beautiful for our success! I had to share this with the world because cancer hasnt taken everything!


  1. What a beautiful portrait! When we have no hair and we are so vulnerable I think the rest of our beauty shines through -- we are exposed and in that exposure, the "who" we are is more evident than at any other time in our lives.

    I love that you are having training success and Sara, I attest to this fully...keeping busy, having other happy things going on in your life during treatment, actually helps the process. Cancer is only one part of who we are...living the potential of everything else keeps us in perspective.

    On the slow heavy days? Go with the flow so that you enjoy the better days that much more!

  2. A friend commented to me that hair loss makes the rest of your features so much more noiceable and beautiful. That certainly seems to be the case with you.
    And I'm glad you've discovered that although cancer leeches away a certain amount of what you can do.... there's a lot that you still can. You are so right to celebrate that!

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  4. Dear Sara..

    You blog is amazing, each step that you walked I felt I walked them too... In reality i had apart that i had a mastectomy and still have not started chemo.. but that will be forthcoming in the next week or so...

    please have a read on my blog too if you like...
    take care Alicia....xx


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