Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Session 4/12: I love my bed!

I had a bad nights sleep last night, I do with chemo anyway but last night my little son Harry decided to join us again. We have managed to get him out of the habit of crawling into bed with us but he seems to have slipped over the past few days. He is so long, long, long and he crunches his teeth (just like me, I trashed my lower retainers after my cancer diagnosis!).

I ended up in his bed which is not comfortable at all! First of all, I had to negotiate the ladder which digs into my old feet, then squeeze my ample bottom through the gap that leads to the bed. The bed itself was full of "stuff". By that I mean, soft blankets (he likes soft things), toys, lego!!!!!

I did not have a good night sleep!

Consequently, I am sitting here typing my blog, feeling rather worse for wear and I can't blame it on chemo!

Seriously; children grow up so quickly. Children can be a pain, its their job but they can be an incredible joy. So many parents wish their children back at school, out of the way etc but what they don't realise is that these precious gifts are ours to care for and protect while they are vulnerable but they are their own little people and have their own destiny to follow. Once they are gone, they are gone.....

So.... I may moan about the bedtime visits, they do leave me tired but I equally appreciate what I have got and soon, I may not have it any more.


  1. Ooh. Cuddling with the children is something I miss, but you also need to get a good night's sleep especially now. It'a about balance.

  2. Too true!! I hope you can catch a nap today and if not, have a much better night's sleep this night!

  3. We were over babysitting our new granddaughter a couple of weeks ago and putting her to bed brought back so many warm memories.

    It is a precious and fleeting time.

  4. My youngest son is 20 now, and after many many years of fighting the system for him (he is dyslexic but the schools just branded him naughty!!)he is now a qualified chef, working in a private school, and training to become a College Catering tutor!!! He became deputy head boy in his last year at senior school (they wanted him to be head boy but he did not want the pressure!!), and gained 11 GCSE's!!! Every time he has a day off or is on a late, he comes into our bedroom and lies on the bed with me and we have a chat and a cuddle! He is 6' 3" and a man, but he will always be 'my little boy' and I love the fact that he still comes into our room and feels comfortable lying on our bed chatting and cuddling! There is a bond between a mother and son, especially one you have to fight for, that will never be broken, and hopefully you will reap your rewards for many years to come Sara, as I still do!!! Sharon xxx


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