Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Session 3/12: Mole is OK

I have just returned from Wrexham Hospital having been referred there for a suspicious looking mole thing which I discovered when my hair fell out. It was multi coloured and a strange shape but funnily enough, I "knew" it wasn't cancer. I have just been told that it is a non infectious wart which I have probably had for a long time and the doctor offered to freeze it off for me. I declined his kind invitation because I know this process hurts and when my hair grows back, nobody will be able to see it. Why have needless procedures done? All I wanted to know was that it was not cancer and it isn't so - good result!

Forgot to mention that I power walked 1.90 miles today at 15min mile pace - it feels great to be exercising!


  1. Whoo hoo - so glad it was ok!! Here is to feeling good hon, Sarah

  2. Good news about the wart. Good news about the walking!

  3. Great news Sara, glad you have the all clear on the mole, and so happy you are walking again! Sharon xxx

  4. Fantastic news all around!


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