Friday, 22 May 2009

Session 4/12: Day 2....

This has to be the worst I have felt since starting chemo. I am tired, my head is buzzing, my mouth and throat is dry, I am feeling nausious and so tired my body feels like a lead weight.

However, I know that with each passing hour, I will get better. I have finally realised that I have to give in to these feelings so that I can have short bursts of sheer enjoyment whether that be with my family, friends, children or dogs.

Right now, I am lieing in bed writing this then I plan to sleep if I can or at least rest then I am going to take my lovely dogs Pickles, Wilbur and Poppy out to Darland woods. There has been a light rain fall, but it is warm and the sky is glowing with the sun trying its best to break through so the woods will be filled with beauty; the damp smell of wild garlic and fallen leaves, the ducks on the pond and the vibrant colours of grasses and leaves... if that isn't something worth resting for then I dont know what is!


  1. Get lots of rest. The symptoms, as you know, will ease a bit each day. You have an amazing attitude! There is power in that!

  2. Hang in there ... I know it sucks.

    Just rest and take it easy as best you can.

    Thinking of you,

  3. Ma Nature is a big help, isn't she? I always feel better after spending a little time with her myself.

  4. Yes rest and then more joy! What an amazing attitude hon!!
    I so wish there was more I could offer as you go through this... I can imagine feeling as you do - but I know for certain it doesn't come close to the reality. So.. I will offer up hugs and send you energy for your day! Hang in there hon!
    Namaste, Sarah

  5. Each day should get a little better.A walk in the woods or along the beach always helped me but don't overdo it.
    Enjoy your good days.

  6. Hi Sara, thinking about you and sending healthy thoughts. The walk with your dogs in the woods sounds wonderful, hope it makes you feel better. I've been wondering if each chemo reaction gets worse (more tired)... #2 is in 6 days for me

    Get lots of rest,

  7. Sara
    I hope you are getting over the nausea, it actually surprised me as to how bad it can be.
    I am settled a little too... It's supposed to be a nice day I will go for a short walk today as well.....


  8. It sounds as though you are doing all of the right things. My friend Margi sent me a card that sais "This too shall pass", and I absolutely held onto that.
    You will be well again.
    Take care.
    Stephanie x


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