Saturday, 23 May 2009

Session 4/12 Pandora Bead Celebrate!

Just thought I would share this with you all!

My dear friend Jan bought me a Pandora Bracelet for being a supporting parent for her daughter. She also gave me a breast cancer pandora bead to put on it. I purchased the "Love, Faith, Strength bead" to signify my fight with cancer and my mother in law bought me a gorgeous silver bead encrusted with hearts to show her support.

I promised myself a bead for every journey and occasion through my fight with cancer and as I have just finished my Epi-R (the lethal red stuff) I decided to buy a red pandora bead and it is pictured above at the start of this blog.

I ordered the bead from John Greed yesterday afternoon and it arrived in record time, this morning, I am so proud of it and I can highly recommend John Greed for pandora purchases.


  1. Gifts...from others and to ourselves...yes, it's great to give but there are times when it is even better to receive!

  2. Hi Sara - as soon as I saw the red bead I knew it sympbolized the evil red stuff! Looks like a beautiful bracelet, it will be so meaningful when every bead is a gift or marks an accomplishment. Great idea.

  3. What a fantastic idea!! which bracelet do you have? they look gorgeous x
    Thanks so much for sharing

  4. It is a pandora bracelet with a lobster clasp, I am filling it up very slowly because I want it to be very special as it was given to me by a special friend x

  5. Sara, this post made me smile - I also established a "journey" Pandora bracelet. I blogged about it some time ago. Mine includes The Tree of Life, Journey, Angel of Hope, Ladybug (good luck), Little Girl (for my niece who was born weighing 2 pounds and had her own struggle), and a Pineapple (said to mean good luck).


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