Sunday, 24 May 2009

Session 4/12 I am thinking of this ...

I am seriously thinking of doing this. I love Snowdon. I climbed 3 peaks about 20 years ago (before kids) and I adore The Alarm and Mike Peters, have followed him for almost 25 years!
He is a cancer fighter too and has helped found the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation which aims to put a cancer centre in each country across the world.
I am not able to post youtube videos onto my blog but if you go to his website called the Alarm and go into the Snowdon rocks, it will take you to some inspirational interviews with this amazing guy which will inspire any of us cancer fighters to carry on...... check it out!
Cymru am Byth

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  1. Having a goal like this is wonderful Sara...I think you'll be there!!


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