Friday, 1 May 2009

Session 3/12: I must be radio-active!!!! lol

I MUST be radio-active because EVERYONE keeps telling me I am glowing! If I get any more "glowing" comments, I swear, there will be a nuclear reaction!! lol

The glamorous picture above is a lady I have the privelage of knowing through Weight Watchers. Her name is Helen, she is the same age as me, 42, and is fighting MS. In order to raise money for MS during MS Awareness week, Helen is going to parachute jump tomorrow - May 2nd - What a brave lady! Awesome! She is one of the most positive and up beat people I have met and a joy to know.

Anyway, day one after chemo. Took some sleeping pills last night and although my sleep was disturbed because of the steroids, it was better than before. Woke up feeling great and managed to visit Weight Watchers to wish Helen good luck for tomorrow (hence more glowing comments) then I was laid up in bed for a few hours.

We are burying Mouse and Spangles today. I took Joe to the Grosvenor Garden Centre and he chose a variagated Ceanothis to mark the spot. We are burying them in a place where he can see from his bedroom window and the flowers will bloom this time of year to help him remember his little friend xxx


  1. I would get that "glowing" comment a lot. Sometimes people want to say "something" so they choose a comment like this to make you and themselves, feel better. Then of course there is the change in skin, change in our eyes, change everywhere and people can't quite put their finger on what "it" is.

    I think we do rather glow from inside. We're seeing things we didn't see before or taking note of things we took for granted. Our vision has changed and even when we might be feeling like crap because of the treatment, our spirit is glowing. I really do believe that.

    I admire your friend Helen...that is a very brave and yet freeing thing to do. Wish her well and I'm sure she'll have something wonderful to remember!

    I like how you are handling the loss of Mouse and Spangles. This is a wonderful way to help a child through the experience of loss. Planting something that will continue to grow helps to show the cycle of life.

    Rest this weekend, take care of yourself and hopefully you'll lose yourself in some good reading!!

  2. So glad your chemo went well for you! But I'm so sorry about Mouse and Spangles. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. The way you are handling it is exceptional, though, and I'm sure your son will be comforted by all you've helped him through!

    Those steroids will make you glow!!!!! I'm sure you look wonderful! A horrible thing to hear when you feel so terrible!!!!


  3. Thanks guys.

    Sherry Lee, I think I have released alot of negative energy since my diagnosis and perhaps that is where the glow is coming from. I am stronger because of this.


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