Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sess 4/12: Wonderful Walks

It's a week today since I had my last dose of chemotherapy and apart from the really tender, sore mouth and the dreadful digestive problems I am having, I feel much better today!
Last round of chemo, I was wiped out for nearly two weeks but this time I seem to have recovered alot quicker. However, what do I do when I feel this way? Yes, I jump right in with both feet and over do things!
I bundled the children off to my mums house for an overnight stay, their first time ever with her. She has some rescue chickens and they enjoyed harvesting the eggs, washing them then eating them for breakfast this morning. The "jobs" she has lined up for the boys are things like feeding the wild birds of which there are many where she lives; sparrows, jays, woodpeckers, robins, thrush, starlings to name but a few. There is nettle clearing to be done in the orchard and pruning, always pruning! Oh, mum found a dead bird and they have a funeral to arrange! All good fun for my boys. Hopefully, I will have my bed to myself tonight!
So once my boys were off on their adventure, I went off on mine!
I left Dave Decorator painting the outside of our house and went for the most beautiful walk with the dogs; Pickles, Wilbur and Poppy. We ended up in Darland Woods which has been newly cordoned off. Some people would complain about this but having walked these woods for 15 years, I am quite glad because it reduces the amount of people using them and I can enjoy the natural beauty with my dogs without hassle.
The golf course was busy today so we decided to remain within the woods then cut across the footpath. I met Dave Golf, the groundsman and had a lovely chat with him. When I am grooming, I clip and bath his cocker spaniel, Maisy.
The walk across the course was glorious. The sun shone down on us and the dogs ran through the long grass. Heaven!
I was just deciding whether to cross Chester Road into the fields there with the dogs when that sudden wall of chemo tiredness over came me and I decided that enough was enough, time for home.
It was lovely to walk amongst nature and it was lovely to see familiar faces in Dave Golf and W the bus driver amongst others.
My dogs and I have returned home to rest but satisfied that we have had our own splendid adventure....


  1. What a lovely day - thank you for taking us on a beautiful walk in nature!

  2. Sounded a delightful walk...and I smiled when you said the wall of chemo tiredness overcame you...that's exactly what it feels like! Still, I'm glad you were able to have such a good day.

    As for the boys being with your mum -- a delight for all of them. And a treat for you!

  3. Hi Sara
    I enjoy your blogs and appreciate your love of nature. How soothing it must be to walk in such beauty! I liked the picture of your village. Sadly when I had chemo, it was during a very nasty winter and it was hard to go for walks though I tried. I am happy it is spring. I live in a college town of 120,000 in the Midwest. They call it Tree City. I try to keep a garden-harder than in the UK due to our temperature extremes-very hot and dry summers. It gives me much pleasure to see things grow. I have an old pug Spud who is too old to go on walks. You say your son has ASD? What is that?
    I haven't been to Wales. Two summers ago, my husband had a short term assignment in Sandwich, Kent County so I was with him part of the time and we travelled after the assignment to various parts of England and loved it.
    Do you have hummingbirds where you live? I didn't recall seeing any in all the beautiful gardens I saw. They are my delight though I only have a very few.
    I hate cancer and what it does. I still am recovering from the chemo and hoping very much that it is truly gone.

  4. What took me the longest to figure out was that if I was tired, not to push it. The line between tired and exhausted was a short one.

    Your day sounds lovely. Yes, we have hummingbirds. They are territorial and fight with each other. Awfully fun to watch though.

  5. That would be a perfect day for me...

    Yes Sara i am holding off a dog for the time being..

    Alli XOX


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