Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Session 4/12 New Phase

Sorry, this is not a very good picture but I was inspired to publish a photo of my lumpectomy scar which is around 3 1/2 inches long. This has been taken about 3 months after the operation. I just remembered how scared I was before the operation, I didn't know what I would end up looking like. As you can see, its not too bad and pretty soon the pink will disappear and it will blend in more!! So...... if you are reading my blog, waiting for a lumpectomy, I sincerely hope that this picture reassures you.
My husband is returning to work today, another new phase in this cancer fight. His employers have been fantastic, I never could have believed an organisation could be so supportive. He is going back on reduced hours and we will see how we all get on.
My mother in law is coming over today to look after the kids as they are on holiday from school this week, they will have great adventures today so I hope it stays dry for them. Its a blowy day and I am enjoying listening to my wind chimes on the pergola outside. My legs are cold but then again, they always are these days!
My friend has gone on holiday and I am looking after her dog, Poppy and her daughters rabbit Albert. I have started a new blog for Alberts holiday adventure mainly so that C can monitor his holiday and be reassured that he is having fun and being well cared for. Oh what fun! Actually, this morning I took my cuppa tea to the bottom of the garden and sat, talking to the rabbits and enjoying their company. Rabbits!


  1. What a great idea - a blog so that your young friend can be certain his rabbit is okay. That is lovely!

  2. Albert the rabbit..I love it!!! Not the usual flopsy or bunnykins or something "rabbity"...a real name!!! Love the idea of the blog.

    I also love the scar and you will Sara..it will fade even more and then you'll look at it like your badge of honour. You've inspired me. I'm going to post mine tomorrow...then you'll see what a lumpectomy scar looks like after 4 years. Bless you for inspiring and encouraging others to not fear what may lay ahead ♥


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